One of our great challenges in bench tools is making it clear which optical product is right for which person.  Some people care most about comfort.  They want something that they will forget they’re wearing.  Others care more about optical quality, and will pay more for a lens that is color-correct, non-distorting and bright.  Some need something that works in conjunction with their existing prescription.  Others need to be able to easily lift their eyes away from the lenses and get an un-magnified view.

I’m excited about a new line of optics now on the web because, more than anything else we’ve tried in the category, it meets all the needs listed above.

CraftOptics Telescopic Binoculars

CraftOptics binoculars were invented by a dentist.  Like jewelers, dentists require something that not only provides good optics, but is suitable for wearing all-day everyday.

When we first saw these we were blown away by the combination of optics and comfort.  We debuted them at our optics booth at JCK, and they outsold every other magnifier we brought.

There are two features about these binoculars that really make them stand out.

  1. The lightweight frames and scopes make these very comfortable, more so than anything else I’ve worn.
  2. The 13″ working distance is perfect for working at a bench.

CraftOptics are designed so your eyes naturally aim through the binoculars when you’re working (looking down), and you get your normal, unmagnified view when you need to reach for something or talk to someone (looking straight on).  The binoculars flip up and out of the way if you need some extended time without magnification.

And the patented, high definition optics are great.

Antonio Gonzales-Rojas wearing CraftOptics binoculars. The working distance is ideal for bench work.

Four styles of CraftOptics are now available on

  1. Binoculars mounted on a +1.5 bifocal lens.  This was the best seller at JCK because the magnification in the +1.5 lens closely matched the prescription strength of many customers.  If you wear glasses with small enough magnification that you can see well out of +1.5 drugstore readers, you’ll want to check these out.
  2. Binoculars mounted on a +2.0 bifocal lens. This was the second best seller, appealing to those who wore glasses with a stronger prescription.
  3. Binoculars mounted on a “Plano” frame (clear plastic, no magnification).  These are for people who don’t wear glasses.
  4. Binoculars mounted on an empty frame. The idea behind these is that you take them to your optometrist and have your own prescription mounted right in the frames.