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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
January 2011

Today is the last day of our first Rio In Motion event. I had the chance to mingle with attendees during their lunch break, and they were in great spirits and happy to chat about their experience at Rio In Motion. I spoke first with Lisa Mitchell, who does repoussé work in Los Angeles, California. Her favorite class was the Lampworked Beads class taught by Chelsea Stone, and she definitely plans on adding this technique to her line of work. Take a look:

Every day at Rio In Motion we’ve been abuzz with classes, demos and tours, but there’s also a huge amount of networking, sharing and befriending going on. Folks from across the country and around the globe have joined us this week; from California to Maine and from South America to Asia – we’ve got a world summit of passionate jewelry makers!

Take a look at the wide variety of products, processes, and techniques that are featured in our Rio In Motion Demo Room!

Rio In Motion has us all abuzz! We have been excited to have our visitors here at the Rio facility. In addition to hosting classes led by world-class instructors, we’ve enjoyed just showing off our place. If you, gentle reader, ever come to Albuquerque, be sure to drop by and see us firsthand. We’d love to show you around our warehouse and manufacturing facility. But for now, I thought you might enjoy a virtual tour.

It was a day of celebration at Rio In Motion, in more ways than one! Students finished a series of two-day jewelry-making classes begun on Wednesday and got a chance to successfully apply new techniques to several pieces of jewelry. And on the lighter side, one Rio In Motion attendee got quite the birthday surprise when her sister contacted us to deliver a gift certificate (and as much embarrassment as we could create) on her behalf. What else are sisters for?

Rio In Motion began early this morning, with shuttle drivers picking up instructors and students from local area hotels. Shuttles arrived at Rio Grande in time for students to enjoy a spread of tools and toys to play with in our Will Call area. Benches with Swanstrom tools, Fretz hammers, the latest and greatest optics, the newest PMC® kilns, a Bonny Doon press and accessories, and a smattering of steel stamps and hammering tools greeted our students when they arrived, ready to be picked up and played with.

Today, January 26, marks the opening day of our first-ever Rio In Motion event (Jan 26-31). We’re excited because we’ll be seeing many familiar faces and looking forward to meeting others for the first time! We welcome your visit to Rio, look forward to showing you how we manufacture your products and fill your orders – and how it’s all powered by over 5000 solar panels!

Take a look!

In the early 1990s a Japanese company called Mitsubishi Materials patented an unusual material called Precious Metal Clay. It looked like putty and could be easily molded by hand, but after it was fired in a kiln it turned to solid silver. Truly hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes! I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to see PMC in action, and for me it still has a “Gee Whiz” factor…

This weekend found us wandering the higher elevations of the Jemez Mountains. The forecast was gorgeous, allowing us to enjoy the day without being buried in winter gear. Just a couple of layers and our snowshoes…and no TVs! We would either do the 5-mile hike to the San Antonio Hot Springs near La Cueva or the 8-mile hike to the top of Los Griegos Peak. Being the perennial early bird, I was ready to leave by 7:00am, only to walk laps around the house waiting for Miss Thing to pull it together. She mentioned something about not being rushed and leisurely enjoying her Saturday morning. A phrase that sounds like fingernails on a blackboard to me, but I own that, because I get a bit excited when it comes to the weekends!

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