Every day at Rio In Motion we’ve been abuzz with classes, demos and tours, but there’s also a huge amount of networking, sharing and befriending going on. Folks from across the country and around the globe have joined us this week – from California to Maine and from South America to Asia – we’ve got a world summit of passionate jewelry-makers!

After classes, students have an opportunity to visit and talk about the day’s events..

Many connections made over the last few days (excuse the pun) have already begun to produce results as attendees share gallery and show contacts, tips and tricks, and other resources to make jewelry-making easier, more profitable and more fun. It’s also been a chance to put faces to all the names, email addresses and voices on the phone. Two friends who’d met on jewelry industry blogs finally met face-to-face on Saturday. They shared that it was like gaining a new sister.

This from a Rio In Motion student: “It’s so great to be in the room with people who share my passion!”

Folks have gotten a chance to get to know our staff, but RIM also gave us an amazing opportunity to get to know all of you better. We share your passion for making jewelry and are always looking for better ways to understand and serve that passion. We all have to walk alone sometimes, but it’s nice to know that we have a dedicated group of like-minded travelers on the road!

Making my final shuttle run of guests back to their hotels this afternoon, I asked my last passenger what the best part of RIM was for her, she shared, “The people. I’ve never been so impressed with a group of people. It felt like family.” Mission accomplished!