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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
March 2011

My grandfather, Saul Bell, lived to be 96 years old and he came to work at Rio Grande every day until less than two weeks before he died. A few years after his passing, a group of associates at Rio Grande presented my family with a video documenting memories of Saul, from both associates and customers that revealed my grandfather’s sincere interest in the artistic and technical challenges faced by the jewelers he met, whose potential he encouraged with generosity, warmth, and humor. Let’s begin our look back over the past ten years of the competition with a video about Saul Bell’s life and work…

Phil Poirier of Bonny Doon recently paid us a visit here at Rio and we made a video to show off the popular Bonny Doon Rolling Mill Pattern Plates.
The creative possibilities are endless! Watch for a bunch of new designs on our website in April!

In my 30+ years, I’ve always wanted to go to New York City. Having lived in New Mexico my whole life, NYC has always seemed like a magical place. But for some reason I’ve never made the effort to actually go there. This year I had to opportunity to finally get to the city because of the MJSA Expo. Wow! What a city and what a cool show!

Travel in time back to March of 2003. Jeweler, teacher and world-traveler Ronda Coryell had just won first place in the silver category of the 2002 Saul Bell Design Award competition. Eight years after that interview, literally to the day as I write, I learn that Ronda’s love for what she does, both as a jeweler and a teacher, has gained even more momentum. And it’s all due to the courting of that new metal alloy: Argentium® Silver. . .

Jewelry-making is a return to his roots for Donald Poe, whose uncle and grandparents both owned jewelry stores. (Donald can remember wheeling his tricycle around his grandparents’ store as a little boy.) After enjoying a career teaching . . .

Were you reading The Studio back in March 3? If so, you probably already know about our Haiku Contest. Maybe you’ve already entered a haiku of your own! Here at The Studio we’ve been blown away by your response. More than a hundred of you have entered so far, with haikus that range from witty to hysterical to poignant to beautiful.

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day! We love an excuse to do some rhyming, and since we didn’t have any snakes to drive out of the building, we encouraged our fellow associates here at Rio to whip up a ditty or two for your reading pleasure. If we are a bit self-indulgent, please forgive us!

Mark Nelson demonstrates how to make a simple ring using 16 gauge silver wire and a chasing hammer. Check out this popular video and be inspired!

Questions arise daily about the various scales we use in the jewelry business. Gold is weighed on a pennyweight or gram scale. Gems are weighed on a carat scale. Postage is weighed on an avoirdupois scale and pearls are sometimes weighed on a momme scale. Do you know if you are using an avoirdupois or a troy scale?

We are pleased to present this project, excerpted from Nancy Megan Corwin’s book, Chasing and Repoussé: Methods Ancient and Modern. In the book, Ms. Corwin takes the reader on a marvelous tour of chasing and repousse, including the tools, techniques, and history behind this vibrant artform…

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