Our tech support team loves to answer your questions, which is great, because they get a ton! At the top of the list is how to set up a torch and the safety tips that accompany soldering, flame working and general torch use. We know that setting up a torch can be intimidating—fuels like propane, butane and acetylene have that effect. And fire can be dangerous, but it can also be powerful (and fun!). Here’s a video of Mark Nelson demonstrating how to safely set up a propane and oxygen torch. He’ll show you the equipment you need and the steps to take to ensure safe and successful jewelry projects. Of course, if you’re having trouble with any product or if you’ve just got a thorny jewelry issue that you need advice on, Rio Grande’s Tech Support is available by phone, email or live web chat to help you out.

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Here’s Mark Nelson from Rio’s tech support team showing you how to safely set up a propane/oxygen torch:

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