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Rio Grande’s Jewelry Haiku Contest – The Winners!

Apr 14, 2011

We put out the call
Your response overwhelmed us
Here are the winners

Last week, Rio’s blog group stepped into a conference room, closed the door, and read your jewelry haikus. More than 150 entries in all, ranging from beautiful to witty to hysterical.

How could we possibly pick just one??

We couldn’t. There were so many amazing entries, we felt compelled to give out multiple prizes. We broke your haikus into different categories, and have awarded a winner (or in one case, winners) for each category.

Category #1 – Funniest Haiku

Who knew that jewelry-making could be so amusing? Many of you took a make-‘em-laugh approach and we thank you for bringing smiles to our faces! First, some honorable mentions. Although these haikus didn’t win, we wanted to let the authors know that their humor was very well received!

Funniest Haiku – Honorable Mentions:

From catalinastreasures
“Sure, I can make that!”
Wait! What have I agreed to?
Now what do I do?!

From kimcoy
There once was a man
From Nantucket…no, wait now!
Making jewelry rocks!

Also from Kim Coy
mark and his bolo
he’s got me on a roll….o
friends, buy him a tie

We tried it Kim, but it made him sad, so we’re letting him go back to the bolo.

Jewelry predicaments, genre-bending man from Nantucket entries, hysterical comments on Mark’s wardrobe…you made it quite the challenge for us, but in the end, we selected an entry that made us laugh because it rang so true. Congratulations MLS, you get your choice of either a Fretz Goldsmith Hammer, a pickling set-up, or a $50 gift certificate.

Funniest Haiku – The Prize Winner


Category #2 – Most Clever Haiku

It’s not easy to write a three-line, 5-7-5 poem about the life of a jeweler. We were amazed at the clever images and wordplay some of you used in your entries. We also smiled at the many entries that cleverly tried to flatter their way into a prize. We took all these haikus, placed them up against one another, and looked for the one we thought was most clever of all. First, some honorable mentions

Most Clever Haiku – Honorable Mentions

From polly925
Bad soldering day.
Writer’s block for jewelers,
but paper is cheap…

From sunshinecreative
My watch is broken
If I had a new hammer
I’d surely fix it!

Of the many clever haikus you entered, one rose to the top in part because of cleverness, and in part because the author’s desire to win was so apparent! This haiku called out all the prize options, and did so in a way that used wordplay on every line. Now…Swallow Tail Studio, which one will you choose?

Most Clever Haiku – The Prize Winner

I’m in a Pickle.
Nothing to Fretz about, now.
Fifty is Grande!

Category #3 – Most Poetic

This was the hardest category to judge. We had so many beautiful poems, so much vivid imagery – I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a bunch of jewelry artists can speak so elegantly about their craft.

Most Poetic – Honorable Mentions

From Diana
metal dances stone
encircle my lovely arms
like a handmade hug

From Artjeweler
Metal in my hands
Tools caress a rigid form

Most Poetic Haiku – The Prize Winners

And in the end, we couldn’t choose just one. We loved both of these poems so much that we elected to award each author her choice among the prizes. Congratulations, Stacy and Tanya!

From stacycsmith
smoothing cut corners
my raw bastard-filed knuckles
rejoice in the work

From tanyab
Torch flame flickering,
Flux smiling a glassy grin –
Watching solder flow

Category #4 – Best Body of Work

There was no limit on entries (although there was a very clever haiku from Onodrim asking that a limit be instated). We had a couple prolific authors, and we are grateful to everyone who took the time to share not just one haiku, but many!

As we were judging the various categories, one person’s name showed up again and again. Some of his haikus:

I have no master
The cosmos is my tutor
Raptly I attend

Tiny speck of sky
I place you gently into…
Damn! Where did you go?

Silver I strike thee
Shimmering drops of the moon
The hammer rings true

What the…? Damn it all!
Sessin I need a Lesson
Why do my bits break?

In the beginning
The Earth was born of fire
From this came the gems

Best Body of Work – The Prize Winner

For these many beautiful and funny poems, we have elected to award Gabe his choice among the prizes as well. Congratulations, Gabe!

Category #5 – The Grand Prize Winner

The author of this haiku gets to choose from among the same three prizes as all the other winners, but we felt like there should be some special category for her alone because, if we had indeed forced ourselves to choose just one, this would have been it. This poem touched us deep inside, and spoke to us on a level that transcends mere words. For some, it was a reminder of the cruelty of childhood, for others, the power of redemption and the strength of the human spirit.

Congratulations Joolie. Your haiku is brilliant. We stand beside you. They’re our friends too.

Why do people say
“Dumb as a bag of hammers”?
Hammers are my friends

Thanks again!

Prize winners are being contacted as we speak! If you are a prize winner and we haven’t already found you, please check your email/voicemail, or give us a call so we can hook you up with your choice from the three prizes.

Thank you again to everyone who entered. We love you all and look forward to your entries in our next contest!

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  1. Your poem picks were great! What a fun contest. Thanks

  2. Wow, those are great haikus! I can see why you had such a hard time settling on just one. I hope Mark’s got a happier face now that he’s back in his bolo!

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