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Rio Grande Associate Arts and Crafts Fair

May 11, 2011
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Bernadette Webb
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Associates here at Rio Grande are a diverse and talented bunch. My fellow associates have passions that include jewelry making, photography, leather tooling, painting, fabric crafting and many others.

Shannon organizes and coordinates the associate craft fair every year.

Shannon Demoulin, a graduate gemologist who works on Rio’s Gemstones Team is also a painter and jeweler, and it was her vision ten years ago that Rio should host an annual Rio Grande Associate Arts and Crafts Fair. Every year since, it's been Shannon's dedication and energy that has made the event possible.

The fair provides an exciting opportunity for associates and their families to share the fruits of their creative labor with the the rest of us here at Rio. Here are a few of the lovely things I saw at this year's fair:

Shannon Demoulin crafted this colorful beaded necklace and cross.

Rio Coach, Marvin Nials, hand-tools beautiful leather accessories.

Janice Smith made this Feng Shui-inspired, multi-media piece.

What a privilege and a pleasure it is to have a view inside the talented minds of my fellow associates.

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