Learn an old technique to create a contemporary look! Make a beautiful chain of interweaving loops–a method developed by the Greeks and Romans. Watch the video below and use the book from the supply list to help you complete this project.

The Loop-in-Loop Chain PDF, which is mentioned in the video, provides further step-by-step written instructions and helpful diagrams.


items used during this segment:

Stackable containers 635-475
Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains and their Derivatives by Jean Reist
Stark and Josephine Reist Smith
Safety glasses 201-054
Steel bench block 115-315
Titanium diamond tweezers 115-522
Solderite pad 502-063
Silquar high-heat block 502-006
German shop shears, straight tip 111-237
Donegan Optivisor with 2.5X lens 113-208
Blazer butane torch 500-230
Butane refill cartridge 500-181
Rio PMC work surface 111-567
Swanstrom pliers and cutter set 111-026
Swanstrom link-forming pliers 111-000/1
.999 fine silver round wire, 22ga. 105-322
Argentium 930 silver jump rings 696-920
Delrin woven wire drawplate 114-124
Woven wire rosewood drawplate 113-847
Vise 113-133
Tweezers 115-012
Dowel rod
Oval awl
Masking tape

Does the video leave you wanting more wire wrapping? Does it inspire you to show off a wire-wrapped project of your own?

Leave us a comment about your interest in wire-wrapping techniques, share a wire-wrapping tip, or use the comments to post a photo of a favorite wire-wrapped project! We will choose from among the comments randomly and give the winner a copy of the book Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains and their Derivatives by Jean Reist Stark and Josephine Reist Smith.

Good Luck!