This is part two of the book excerpt from Scott David Plumlee‘s terrific book, Chain and Bead Jewelry Soldering Connections. In this excerpt, Plumlee demonstrates how to use the headpins from Monday’s post to create a pair of Beaded Triad Earrings.

The headpins Plumlee shows us in Monday's post become the backbone of these Beaded Triad Earrings.

The Beaded Triad Earrings design allows three gold beads to be suspended on three Tear-Loop wires, connected in the center to create a three-pointed Triad formation. Three beaded Tear-Loop wires are assembled into the three-pointed shape by connecting each loop to the next Tear-Loop wire between the bead and loop, which requires the third Tear-Loop wire to be spiraled into place. This beaded chain pattern creates a dangling Triad formation with an aesthetic balance of silver and gold.


Also, be sure you have proper ventilation.


  1. Cut six 1½-inch (3.8cm) wire lengths, bending a ½-inch (1.3cm) wire tail at 45-degrees, and use a propane torch to create a 3.2mm teardrop ball (page 17). Clean the teardropped wires in a pickle solution, and then add one gold bead to each wire. These hollow gold beads are 8mm in diameter with a matte finish and have a .096” (2.4mm) hole size.
  2. Grip each beaded wire with the round-nose pliers (2.8mm) and bend the ½-inch tail into a small loop to create six beaded Tear-Loop wires.
  3. Use a pair of flat-nose pliers to twist open the small loop of each beaded Tear-Loop wire, just like a jump ring.
  4. Close the loop of the 1st Tear-Loop (blue), and then close the loop of the 2nd Tear-Loop (red) around the 1st Tear-Loop’s wire, between the bead and loop.
  5. Add the 3rd Tear-Loop (green) spiraling its open loop through the 1st Tear-Loop’s closed loop (blue).
  6. Spiral the 3rd Tear-Loop’s open loop (green) around the 2nd Tear-Loop’s wire (red) between the bead and loop.
  7. Close the loop of the 3rd Tear-Loop (green) to create a three-pointed beaded Triad formation, and add the earring back through one of the loops. Repeat steps 4-7 to complete a matching pair of Beaded Triad Earrings.

Would you like complete, printable instructions of both of Scott David Plumlee’s posts–Monday’s Argentium Headpin project and today’s Beaded Triad Earrings project? Find both of Plumlee’s projects in PDF form here.