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Rio Grande Teams Up With Project Accessory

Oct 28, 2011

If you’re a Project Runway fan, you probably already know about the new spin-off show Project Accessory. The show pits 12 designers against each other as they complete weekly challenges to create the most eye-popping, fashion-forward accessory possible. And what better accessory is there than a stunning piece of jewelry?

Rio Grande was excited to see jewelry-making and jewelry designers get the lead in such a mainstream TV show, so we’ve teamed up with Project Accessory to keep the fun rolling! Besides donating tools used on the show, we’re releasing one new project each week inspired by the same challenges the designers face. Keep our projects inspired by Project Accessory bookmarked and sign-up to get an email each time a new project releases. You can follow along with our steps and supplies or take our idea and turn it into your own creation!

And just to spice things up for the blog, how about a weekly contest? We’ll keep it simple and sweet: last night during the premiere, the Project Accessory designers had to recycle found objects to create a piece perfect for America’s favorite outfit – a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. So what’s your go-to piece for jeans and a tee? Run through your Etsy site, grab something you’re working on or snap a picture of that perfect piece you could never bring yourself to sell. Upload a photo in the comments and let us know why you wear that piece whenever you go casual. We’ll pick a winner and add a quick $10 to their Rio Grande account for their next purchase. Don’t have an account? No problem, you can sign up for one right here.

Every week of the Project Accessory season we’ll have a new project, a new contest and a new winner, so come back every Friday and follow along with the fun. Jewelry is center stage this season—join the spotlight!

Click here to create this Asian Industrial belt buckle inspired by Project Accessory!

Comments (17)
  1. I like to wear a brighter piece, but not something that’s overwhelming. I like shorter pieces because they are more versatile for different people. Plus, this piece always lets me explain metal clay when people ask about it!

  2. oops, here’s the picture!

  3. This is my new favorite because I call it the “Inner Peace Talisman” and when I wear it I feel peaceful right away.

  4. Bright and swingy… perfect for jeans & t-shirt. I love the copper w/ the pops of color! The bracelet slides on, is comfy and looks fantastic. And swingy earrings? Who doesn’t like bright and colorful, swingy earrings w/ a white T and blue jeans?? :o)

    Lampwork by, Kazuri beads and … every girls fav – Swarovski Crystals! Hand-woven viking knit chain and coiled ends. Rose gold filled earring wires – blend well w/ the copper and provide comfortable fit.

  5. It may be simple, but this “Metal” Japanese kanji pendant is one of my favorite pieces to wear. I pierced this pendant for myself out of sterling silver and love wearing it with tee shirts and jeans. I put an adjustable leather cord on it so I can adjust it to wear with different outfits. I chose the “metal” kanji and wear it often to honor the spirit within the metals I work with every day.

  6. I love this piece made of sterling silver and a piece of beach glass collected from my favorite beach in Maine. I call it “big splash” because it reminds of the many days I spent romping in the ocean!
    [img] splash.JPG[/img]

  7. Here is my favorite piece- a pendant made of found objects and vintage beads!

  8. I love to wear these earrings as ruby is my birthstone and I love this color..

  9. These are my favorite earrings to go with jeans and a T-shirt. Simple and chic and just a little bit edgy!

  10. I love silver cuffs and think they’re perfect with jeans and tees. This one I made with a blue moonstone (love the glow) and a Swiss blue topaz. Blue is my favorite color so this cuff is very special to me. I alternate between wearing this one and one I made with no stones.
    [img] 002-1.jpg[/img]

  11. I like bold jewelry, and this piece was made specifically to wear with a V-neck Tee shirt. It’s eye catching, yet fairly neutral and looks fine with a lot of different colors. :-)

  12. This hasn’t made it to my etsy shop ( yet, because its my favorite piece! Pairs perfect with everything and makes an awesome statement with jeans and a tee! This piece is labradorite, PMC silver and 22k gold. The chain was also handmade; viking knit with sterling silver wire.

  13. A go to piece when wearing a basic T-shirt and Jeans would make a statement! I love mixing techniques every chances I get! =)

  14. This is my latest favorite, it’s an engraved copper salmon and peridot bead necklace. I love it because it dresses up my standard outfit of jeans and a t-shirt.

  15. My favorite piece of jewelry to wear with my t and jeans….I’d have to say my favorite right now is a metal clay pendant with cz stones strung on leather. I am currently living in North Dakota and it seems like every time I turn around I see a leather store selling western items accented in silver; so it’s the perfect match for a t and jeans complete with a little extra bling.
    [img] silver pendant.jpg[/img]

  16. A pair of rockin’ earrings always does the trick for me!

  17. Congrats to merrittgade, you’ve been picked as our first winner! I’ve emailed you to get your Rio Grande credit started. Thanks to everyone for posting your designs, and watch out today for another Project Accessory contest!

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