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Thanks for Giving!

Nov 24, 2011
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Brian Fox
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Thanksgiving is a day for feeling thankful, yes. It is a day to remind ourselves just how many things we have to be thankful for. But it is also a day for actually giving our thanks! So here goes…

Thank you to all our readers here at The Studio for your participation and your comments and your feedback. We love to hear what you think! And a special thanks to all our guest contributors from the past year for your expertise and wisdom.

Thanks to all the jewelry artists and educators out there who share their knowledge and experience with others and who nurture such amazing artistry. Whether you spend your time in a high school or college jewelry program, at a private institute or community center, we appreciate you. Without your passion for jewelry and for jewelers, our industry wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you!

Thanks also to all of Rio Grande’s business partners around the globe: suppliers, manufacturers, vendors and dealers. We appreciate working with you on a daily basis. Thanks to the folks who come and tend the grounds out front here in Albuquerque, and everyone else who works with Rio.

The biggest thanks go to all our customers. Only through your work do we play our part in this business, and we try never to forget it. We appreciate the opportunity to help you do what you love: create.

Thank you all.

And if you are looking for a way to give to others in the jewelry community, read on!

Rio Grande is teaming up with our customers to help Ganoksin (the host of the Orchid jewelry forums at recover from the massive flooding that has recently overtaken their headquarters in Thailand. The Orchid forums have been a steady and reliable resource for jewelers around the globe for years and deserve our support.

The current flooding in Thailand is the worst the country has seen in fifty years. More than two-thirds of the country has been submerged, including complete towns. Hundreds of lives have been lost. Ganoksin founder Hanuman has been recording his experiences on his blog. It’s a worthy read.

Here’s what Rio is doing to help. We have pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds of each sale where reference is made to Orchid, from now through the end of 2011, to the Ganoksin relief effort. You can enter “ORCHID” when you check out online, or mention it when you place your order by phone, and a portion of your purchase will be donated at no cost to you.

Lets do this together.

May your holiday be warm and wonderful --Happy Thanksgiving!

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