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Exciting Changes at Rio: No Minimum Silver Purchase and All New Price Breaks!

Nov 25, 2011
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Find out what Rio Grande is doing to make buying metals easier and more affordable.

Silver continues to be a fantastic value. Sales of fine and art jewelry in silver remain strong despite rising costs—it's a gorgeous material, versatile and bold. And it continues to be the affordable choice among precious metals.
Because of this demand, jewelry makers like you will continue to design, craft, and manufacture in silver, regardless of fluctuations in precious metal markets. And Rio Grande will continue to be here to support
you with everything you need.
Things really are changing, though. None of us can afford not to adapt our businesses to the current markets for silver, gold, and platinum. With the reality of rising costs, we've sharpened our pencils and taken a hard look at how we offer precious metals to make it easier for you to get the resources you need.
Here's what we've come up with. Let us know what you think.
Sincerely,Your Friends at Rio Grande Jewelry Supply

“I really appreciate (no more minimum purchases) and it sure comes in handy.” - Michele from Facebook

"Love that you no longer have a minimum on so many of my silver supplies!" - Dori from Facebook

NEW! No minimum purchase

There are times when all you need to get your latest project done
is two inches of gallery wire.

All NEW price breaks

Our pricing structure for metals has always taken advantage of the economy of
scale. At higher volumes we can be more efficient, and we've been able to pass
these savings directly along to you.

Recycle your scrap ... often

You have choices about where you recycle your precious metal scrap.
At Rio Grande, we have absolutely no lot fees, assay fees or refining fees. And Rio now
pays more than ever—up to 85% of the value of properly sorted silver scrap.
This means you get a great deal, especially for smaller lots. Which means
you can unlock the value you have tied up in scrap as often as you need.
Which just makes sense.

More flexible packaging

Rio is always looking at the way we package findings and other supplies you
need. We've reduced the package quantities for many items to give you more
flexibility in making your purchasing decisions and managing your inventory.
You more closely control the stock you need to get the job done.

Alternatives & options

From alternative metals to silver-filled sheet, wire and findings, we're
offering you options of less costly materials for your designs. With alternative
metals, you can offer your customers a wider range of pricing options,
and Rio is here to support you with everything you need.

Information you can use

We keep you updated every day on what the markets are doing through
Facebook, Twitter, and our toll-free market hotline at 800.396.9894. You can keep an eye on fluctuations in the markets and
place your order when the timing is best for you.
We Stock it-so you don't have toDownload the full pdf silver savings brochure.
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  1. Hey there…I have to admit that for the most part the “no minimums” doesn’t affect me a great deal as I’m from Ontario, Canada so when I order silver I usually order extra to keep me going for awhile as the shipping & duty and taxes are extra fees that I like to keep down as much as possible. For those in the US I’m sure it is a great plus.

    Who doesn’t like lower prices??? :~) Having said that there is more to it than just the prices for me…in the last 6 yrs I’ve purchased silver from 3 major companies one in Toronto and I have to say I prefer shopping at Rio Grande even though you are in the US… I get affordable prices, top quality silver products & friendly, courteous, helpful customer service!

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