For many fans and supporters of Ganoksin and Orchid, witnessing the flooding of Hanuman and Ton’s office and home last fall left us feeling very empathetic and concerned. Associates at Rio Grande followed the blog updates from Hanuman reporting on the rising water levels and we brainstormed ideas of what we might do to help.

I emailed Hanuman in early November with an idea and a plan: Rio would partner with customers to raise funds for Ganoksin to help ensure the uninterrupted service that the Ganoksin website and Orchid forum provides jewelers everywhere. Rio Grande invited customers to mention Orchid when placing an order and Rio pledged to donate a portion of every order throughout the remainder of 2011.

Flood recovery at last! Hanuman and a neighbor clean up their street, which was lake-deep only a month ago.

Hanuman’s fence shows the effect of 40 days of standing water.

Hanuman had this to say about the ordeal and the recovery:

As a kid I always tried to imagine what it would be like if someone could drain out all the waters from a lake or the sea. Now I know.

The floods are now completely dried out; leaving behind a thin line that separates the horizon into two; The lower part turned brown, monochrome and dusty, 40 days of water stagnation, washed away all the colors from everything that was below the water surface, whereas the colors remained vivid above it, creating a gloomy contrast, as if some untalented artist took the world and edited it in Photoshop.

I still can’t really grasp the idea that we are victims of nature disaster, maybe it’s because these are things that usually are seen on the evening news, or maybe because we were lucky enough not to lose anything that money and time can’t buy.

Flood recovery is an overwhelming task. Hours of work are still in store for Hanuman and his neighbors. 

Well, the tallies are in and we are very grateful to have sent Hanuman a check last month on behalf of Rio Grande customers in partnership with Rio Grande. Together we contributed $2597.54 to assist Hanuman in the clean-up and restoration of his office and home.

In true Hanuman style, I received this reply:

Your concern, caring and generous support is very touching indeed and humbly accepted…in a sense we feel fortunate to endure this crisis. It is a test that endures us and hopefully would make us better persons. We are also lucky not to suffer any damages that money cannot fix. For all this and for our friendship, I am grateful.

Humbly yours,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the effort and made this possible! We are ever-grateful for the contribution that Ganoksin and Orchid have made through the years to our industry – it feels good to be a part of such a wonderful community of people!