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Blogs We Love: PMC Sterling™ Grab Bag

Feb 22, 2012

PMC Sterling™: It’s metal clay, and it’s sterling—what more is there to know? Lots!

There are some fantastic jewelers out there who've been putting this new metal clay through its paces and blogging about what they’ve learned. Here are a few posts you’ll definitely want to check out:

Celie Fago made this ring to test strength in open work pieces and also attachments like the little balls, which she attached with slip.

Celie Fago

Celie is a teacher, an author, a metalsmith, and a respected metal clay innovator.

Check out her post on testing the new PMC Sterling and also don't miss her post, More on PMC Sterling: Keum-Boo and Soldering, wherein she troubleshoots the use of keum-boo on PMC Sterling pieces.

Janet Alexander

On this ring, Janet Alexander experiments with soldering PMC Sterling.

Janet is metal artist and instructor with decades of experience who writes in wonderful detail about the specific questions she has regarding this material.

In her PMC Sterling Silver Report post, Janet investigates many questions, including:

  • How well does it rehydrate?
  • How well does it grind up?
  • Can I add copper wire as a decorative object?
  • Can I complete granulation on SS Clay?

In her Testing Sterling Silver Clay Again post, Janet experiments with channel-setting stones in a hollow PMC Sterling™ ring. She thoughtfully records all her findings on her blog and she inspires us!

Wanaree Tanner

Wanaree is a writer and a self-taught metal clay artist who has some gorgeous projects on her blog:

Wanaree Tanner's pierced PMC Sterling metal clay ring.

In her post about her Pierced PMC Sterling Clay Ring, Wanaree shares techniques for working with PMC Sterling™  with texture sheets.

There are a lot of great jewelry-making blogs out there. Got a favorite? Share it with us in the comments.

Comments (5)
  1. Thanks so much for including my blog!

  2. I have my first sterling clay piece almost ready for the kiln!! My experiment is delicate like Wanaree’s, but includes 14k Rose Gold clay and 18k Green Gold clay! Fingers crossed! I hope to have it on my blog early next week!

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Wanaree, we were thrilled to feature your blog and your awesome work –We’ve been meaning to do so for awhile now! mfglaeser – I’ll check out your blog and look forward to seeing your results. PMC Sterling is such an inspiring product, but what you all are doing with it inspires us more.

    sincere thanks for reading! Molly

  4. Finally got some photos up! It isn’t finished…but I couldn’t keep everyone hanging! I’ll post more when it’s finished! The green gold clay turned out amazing!

  5. i love the design..very antique to look at and very fashionable..i have something like this but not desame design..

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