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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
March 2012

Wanaree Tanner, metal clay artist extraordinaire, shares some delicious tidbits with our very own Bernadette Bennett about what inspires her work, how she embraces the process of art making (failures and all), and her continuing growth as an artist.


Rio Grande’s Wellness Program has been so successful, that the New Mexico Business Weekly recently named us the winner of New Mexico’s Healthiest Employers for the second year in a row! On top of a 5K every season, Rio offers health fairs, an on-site gym, monthly wellness classes (on topics like heart health and stretching at work), on site Zumba and Yoga classes, and bi-annual health risk assessments including blood pressure screenings. We take wellness seriously! Read today’s post to see our Wellness Program in action with highlights from our recent company-wide 5K run.


I’m just recovering from the three-day whirlwind that is MJSA Expo New York, the annual trade show for jewelry makers and designers. It’s hard to capture in a single blog post what makes Expo so very special, but I’m going to try! As director of public affairs for MJSA, I handle a lot of the publicity and reporting on the show, and it was really fun to spend three days posting to social networks about all that was going on. . .


Our quest to find out what’s happening in YOUR studio continues! Last month we presented you all with another “What are You Working on Now?” contest, in which we invited readers to submit a picture or two and a short description of what’s on their workbench right now. Well, we’ve given this month’s winner a $10 credit, and April’s contest has officially begun –show us your stuff for a chance to win!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.40.02 PM

Looking to add a bit of flair to your flamework glass beads? In this video, Mark Nelson shows how simple it is to transform glass beads into fabulous pieces of wearable art using the Beadliner Kit and silver tubing.


Plenty of folks celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the pub, but there are great ways to celebrate at your workbench, too! Check out all of our green!


Top-drilled? Side-drilled? Up-drilled? Down-drilled? What the heck?? Every jewelry-related website seems to have its own way of defining or describing how a bead is drilled. Here’s a quick visual guide to how Rio Grande describes its drill styles. We hope it helps you quickly find the style you want.


Rio Grande’s product managers shop the world to bring you the most exciting new stuff out there. I asked each of them (there are five) to give me a product they’re excited about so we can share it with you. Take a look at what they chose!


Ever wonder why your order for however-many ounces of wire is always a little over or under what you ordered? The simple answer is: tolerances. Tolerances are developed to fit manufacturing capabilities and, while it is possible—even standard—to have tight (close) tolerances, a tolerance is, by definition, a variance between the intended and the actual.


Blaine Lewis and New Approach School for Jewelers recently opened its new home in Franklin TN, and we’re excited to tell you about this unique place!

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