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What Are YOU Working on Now? It’s a Contest, Folks!

Mar 22, 2012

Our quest to find out what's happening in YOUR studio continues! Last month we presented you all with another "What are You Working on Now?" contest, in which we invited readers to submit a picture or two and a short description of what's on their workbench right now. We promised to pick a winner and drop a $10 credit into that person's Rio account.

The submissions were terrific, and we were honored to get a glimpse inside your studios. However, the random number generator has spoken, and the winner of this month's "What are You Working on Now?" contest is . . . Angelica Lee!

Take a look at Angelica's work and read a little about her process:

I am working on a few sterling rings at the moment. One has a labradorite cabochon and one is just a band so far. Both are still in progress and need a lot of work, but I really love that stage since nothing is "set in stone" quite yet.

These rings came about because I really wanted to experiment with building pieces out of wire and explore repeating organic shapes. Both were constructed with pieces of wire that were soldered together to create the organic shapes I was after, in this case branching vines and pebbles or river/beach stones. I’m really liking the way they are turning out so far and I plan to play around a bit with more repeating organic shapes such as venation, cracked mud, neurons, coral, fungus, etc. made from wire.

If you'd like to see more, visit Angelica's facebook page.

Now it's your turn to show us what you're working on! Add a comment to this post with photos and descriptions of what's on your bench right now and you might be spending an extra 10 bucks at Rio Grande this time next month. We'll announce our next winner in mid-April.

Keep your eye on Rio's facebook page for updates!

Comments (15)
  1. Thank you so much, I’m incredibly excited.

    There have been so many beautiful entries, I’m excited to see what is submitted this month and beyond!

    Off to shop! :D

  2. I love to work with silver and beautiful stones. Here is my latest piece of work, fine silver 18ga. from Rio Grande with a satin finish and a Red Coral Heart. Next comes a necklace and red coral earrings… on the work table now…

  3. I am always doing something to put in the gallery. Lately I have wanted to do sawing and overlay with animals. This is the last complete piece that came from my bench…A nice big copper cuff with a lizard overlay…textured behind the cut out portion and a fun Arizona turquoise at the belly…for a change of color and line for the eye to follow,I curved a sterling wire through the center of the lizard. Other pieces of this surge of energy were a lamp pull for my friend whose “best friend” is a dachshund, and 4 pairs of copper earrings with cats in different poses…Can’t wait til tomorrow!

  4. March is my month to grow my skills. This is the second consecutive year that I’ve run my “March One-a-day” event where I create a new piece of jewelry every day of the month and post it to my blog. The garnet piece is on my bench right now to buff out a few scratches. Foldforming is my favorite technique but I’m working on a range of skills. I’ve attached a few photos but please stop by and see. I also have a giveaway going for one of the pieces, so stop by and enter. I’m so glad I saw your blog post during March, Rio folks :-) (click suelacy wired to view the blog.)

  5. HI all,

    Rio, could you clarify what gems do you use in this rings?
    course they are beautiful!

  6. Hi Everyone

    I have been taking an on-line tutorial with Victoria Lansford and this is the piece she has coached me through. It is a silver locket for a picture of my dog. It has a filigree top, which is set with an opal. I am still deciding on a chain and of course the most important part-the picture!

    If you are interested in the design process, please visit my facebook page for M50Jewelry at


  7. Hello diamondboy,

    The ring pictured here was made by this month’s contest winner, Angelica Lee. I believe the stone is a labradorite.


  8. Thanks everyone, for all your beautiful photos! We love seeing them.

  9. Oh my gosh, everything is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see more!

    Diamondboy – The stone in the ring at the top is labradorite like Molly said :)

  10. Here’s a few shots of what I am working on right now. I just finished a big copper collar-style necklace with matching earrings. The main stones are Succor Creek Jasper and are accented with yellow and orange sapphires, blue topaz, and iolite. I put a flame patina on the copper giving it a range of bronzes and reds. I used the new copper bezel material from Rio for this, I loved the material! So much easier than trying to cut my own bezel strips.

  11. I am working on a commission piece with the Millennium Falcon on one side and my artistic interpertation of the planet Tatooine on the other. The Millennium Falcon is sterling silver set in hand pigmented resin and the planet Tatooine is made from reticulation silver. The piece is finished with a liver of sulfur patina.

  12. I just finished this piece…. It is made from copper, raw silk and pearls.

  13. i am working on copper foldformed and etched cuffs..and some shotgun casing resined cuff links.

  14. With such a beautiful spring here in NC, I have been making flowers from sterling silver. My stones are handmade pottery cabochons.

  15. Last week I used silver clay for the first time. I made this leaf…

    using this vintage Italian wax seal.

    This was my first adventures with silver, the shell was from a mold I made of a shell I collected

    This is what my wax seal leaf now looks like:)

    Today I started playing with bronze, its price let me start some bigger pieces.

    Learning can be lots of fun!!!

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