It’s Friday the 13th! And while today is a good reminder for everyone to avoid deserted lakeside summer camps, large men in hockey masks, and ladders in general (whether or not you’re walking under them, it just seems like a bad plan regardless), the curses extend to diamonds!

If you’re at your bench and an anonymous package arrives with a mysterious gem inside, consult our entry-level guide to three famously cursed diamonds, whose bad juju follows them across the centuries and the planet.


  1. The Hope Diamond

    Rather inaccurately named for a gem as infamous as this one, the Hope Diamond has been followed by all sorts of trouble, even going as far back as 1668, when it, along with a bunch of other diamonds, was delivered to King Louis XIV. The diamond, reportedly more than 112 carats(!), has brought many of its owners crippling debt, incredibly bad luck,  insanity, and even death! It now sits in the Smithsonian, safe and sound.

  2. The Koh-i-Noor Diamond

    Once owned by the Hindu god Krishna, this diamond got swiped from under his pillow while he was sound asleep, and later being referred to in the Mughal Empire’s treasure. Nadir Shah of the invading Persian army found it as he pillaged Delhi, named it “Koh-i-Noor,” translating to “mountain of light,” and the legacy was born. The diamond is currently on display at the Tower of London.

  3. The Shah Diamond

    Weighing in at a not-too-shabby 88.7 carats, the Shah Diamond—named for the three different Shahs that owned it centuries ago— passed through the hands of not just different owners, but different countries. Going from its original place of discovery in Central India around 1450 AD, it has been subsequently taken by rulers of Northern India, Persia, and Russia, where it remains to this day. Each of its former owners has either met a grisly end or found themselves in desperately dire political straits, needing a diplomatic gesture that often resulted in this diamond landing in the hands of a new owner…

So make whatever preparations you must to withstand the temptation of these illustrious pieces! Or maybe even just check out some moissanite… (I mean, come on…who’s ever heard of cursed moissanite?)

And jewelers aren’t the only people to think about cursed diamonds