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Five Favorite New Items from Rio’s Product Managers

Apr 9, 2012

We’re constantly adding new items at --come on over and check out Rio's new items section. I asked each of Rio Grande’s Product Managers to pick something new (or relatively new) to share with you on The Studio. Here are their choices.

Magic Finding™ Crimp Bead

This Magic Finding™ crimp bead features not simply one hole like traditional crimps but rather seven holes (.022"). Use the seven channels in this bead to:

  • draw down multiple strands to a single strand for clean, easy finishing.
  • introduce up to six new strands to a single strand to create multiple loops or swags from a single design.
  • add an Omega insert that instantly provides a ring or bail at the end of your design.

No bigger than a traditional crimp, the Magic Finding is just as easy to use.

Speaking of the Magic Finding, from the Tools Product Manager, we have

Magic Finding Crimp Closing Pliers

Designed to work with the Magic Finding, these pliers allow you to close the crimp easily with just a squeeze. The first station collapses the crimp holes around your strands, the second station shapes and finishes the crimp.

Venturi Circulating Air Oven

Patrick Sage, the Equipment Product Manager, says of this new tool, "As the name suggests, it has a built in fan that pulls in air and circulates it through the oven and out an exhaust port on the back. The increased oxygen it provides allows for a cleaner, more efficient burnout. And the price is great!"

Denise Cabrera-Wright, our Display and Packaging Product Manager, presents to you this beautiful

Black Faux Leather Travel Necklace Display

Says Denise: "This is a great new display because it breaks down flat and takes up very little room when traveling. ChangeForm-Covers work well with it so you can change out the color very easily." It’s also available in white.

Finally, our metals Product Manager chose

Silver-Filled Double-Clad Sheet

Enjoy the look and workability of sterling silver at a much more affordable price! The thickness of the sterling silver overlay on this high-quality sterling silver-filled sheet constitutes a full 1/10th of its overall weight (twice the content of 1/20 silver-filled sheet of the same gauge). This thicker silver layer lets you form the metal, polish it—even do light engraving—without exposing the brass underneath.

Be sure to check out more of the Product Manager’s favorite new items. And I’ll be back in a week or two with even more of their picks.

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  1. I wish you would make and sell an easy and medium yellow silver solder with lower flow temperatures. The yellow silver solder you sell is extremely difficult to use, requiring too much heat. Many times because of the heat required the gold is burned off of the gold fill products.

  2. Hi Karen. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I spoke with the Product Manager, who told me we are yet to find a better yellow silver solder formula to offer, and that many jewelers opt to use karat gold solders instead.

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