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Janice Grzyb: 2011 Saul Bell Design Award Winner

May 17, 2012

The announcement of the 2012 Saul Bell Design Award winners is almost at hand! Very soon, we’re going to be letting the world know about the incredible work being done by the best jewelry designers around! As we ramp up to the announcement, let’s take a short trip in the Wayback Machine and check in on one of our 2011 winners!

Janice Grzyb’s piece, Bird Ring, was 2011’s first-place winner in the Silver/Argentium® category. Made from sterling silver (and with rubies for the bird’s eyes), the ring blew the judges away with its gorgeous design and flawless craftsmanship. The bird sits high, perched on top of the ring, its wings to its side and its beak shaped into what almost looks like a smile (maybe it knows that it’s part of an award-winning design!).

We caught up with Janice, before the awards gala last year, and asked her about her piece and what inspired it. Here’s what she had to say:

Continued congratulations to Janice for her beautiful piece and the creativity and hard work that went into its creation. You can see more of Janice’s work at her website.

You can also check out all previous SBDA-winning pieces at the Saul Bell Design Award website.

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  1. Just took a look at the finalists for 2012. Good luck to all. I have been working with MC since February when I bought my kiln. Not a day has gone by since then that I haven’t played with my clay. I love it and entered into a whole new world for me. I get lots of opportunities to make repairs. When I look at the Saul Bell 2012 finalists I feel so inspired by such amazingly creativite work . Again, good luck to all you very talented people. As a newcomer to the metal clay world I’m curious as to the Saul Bell judging process. Is it the same panel every year? What were the original number of entries for 2012? I also wonder how much experience the entrants, in general, have? Thanks for the information. I’d seen the work of past winners associated with books and supplies, but didn’t know much about it until I read the Rio Grande blog.

  2. Marla,

    It’s great to hear that you’re so into the clay! Thanks for your questions. The two Saul Bell Design judging panels change from year to year. We have had many of the same people judge multiple times, but to my knowledge it’s never been the exact same group. To read more about the judging process, take a look at this post from SBDA 2011. The experience level of various entrants is very broad, we have people of all skill levels enter. I’ll have to get back to you about the number of entrants we had this year. There were MANY!

    Also, if you’re curious about the history of the award and how it came about, you could take a look at this post from March of 2011.

    I hope this information was helpful and I really encourage you to enter someday!

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