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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
June 2012

Our very-own Spencer Baum leaves a sad but supportive Rio for the life and career of a full-time novelist! Way to go, Spencer!

What’s on your bench right this minute? Each month we present you with another “What are You Working on Now?” contest, in which we invited readers to submit a picture or two and a short description of what’s on their jeweler’s bench right now. Well, we’ve given this month’s winner a $10 credit, and July’s contest has officially begun – show us your stuff for a chance to win!

Jewelry creation and technology go hand-in-hand. Now that so many people have a smart phone, it makes sense that many jewelers do as well. And of course, that means apps! So if you haven’t already, here is a list of apps you can download to turn your smart phone into one of your most useful bench tools.

“For competitions I want to push the envelope. I want to dazzle the judges with something they haven’t seen before—that is the whole point,” says Robin Waynee, 2012 Saul Bell Design Award Grand Prize winner. Robin fabricated her entire winning bracelet by hand, forgoing casting in favor of individually crafting each element to achieve an incredible level of detail and finishing…

At the 2011 SNAG Conference, Phil Poirier introduced his new hammer, vise, and stakes, to rave reviews. I’m happy to tell you that barely one year later…he’s done it again! At this year’s SNAG Conference Phil brought his brand new Bonny Doon Small Forming Tools, which take the innovations of his hammer and stakes to a whole new level. Check out today’s post to learn more!

Today, on The Studio, Mark Nelson writes: One day, my need to hold a particularly odd piece was too much to ignore, so (necessity being the mother of invention) I figured out a neat way to modify my GRS Benchmate by attaching our universal work holder to it. Here is how I did it (and it cost me less that $20!).

The thing about gold, is that mankind has been entranced and seduced by it through all the ages. For a change of pace, today on The Studio, we’re sharing a couple of great stories about the seamy side of gold!

Laser welders, gold testers, GRS engraving equipment, rapid prototyping machines—JCK is like Christmas in June for those interested in the latest in jewelry tools and technology, and we are honored to be a part of it. Join us in The Studio today to learn about some of our favorite parts of JCK.

With the advent of, a lot of our jewelry customers are finding it easier than ever to start an online store to sell their work. We thought we’d highlight a few of them and learn a bit about the artists!

Today on The Studio: A bunch of us got to attend the big SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) show in Phoenix from May 23-26. We had an awesome time and I took loads of pictures.

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