As you can imagine—and judging by some of the products we sell—we take Halloween pretty seriously around here. Entire departments join together to coordinate elaborate group themes, and you can’t throw a copper jump ring without getting a face full of cobwebs, jumped at by a warehouse associate dressed as a decomposing body, or tripping over a gigantic bowl of Reese’s Pieces (a personal favorite, luckily).

With that: Here are some favorites (and the Rio Halloween contest winners)!

The inclusion of this one will come as no surprise:

Tara’s boys, Nigel and Ollie, as jailbirds (jaildogs?)

Honorable mention goes to Print Marketing’s rock stars.

And the contest winners are…

Duane’s Baby, napping in a hopper.

Sleep well, sweet prince.


Jaime’s Scarecrow and the rest of the super-creepy accounting team

In real life, she has a very nice smile.

Jaime and the rest of accounting, as Batman’s Rogues gallery!


Renee’s origami gypsy


in the bottom-left corner, you can see her paper fortune teller


Customer care’s Cantina…OF THE DEAD!

Have a spooky night!