All Hallow’s Eve is upon us! A mere two days until the dead rise, the coffins empty, the werewolves go feral, and the costumed-children come to steal your hard-earned candy. So when the ghosts, ghouls, and greedy teenagers (who, let’s be honest, are way too old to be getting free candy) descend upon your doorstep, what can one jewelry-maker do to make it through the night?

Never fret, true believer: Rio is here for you, and we’ve got a frightening number of products that’ll keep you safe and sound during the vicious monster onslaught!

A howling THANK YOU to Yvonne, our resident Good Witch and very favorite crusader in the night, for her willingness to put up with me tagging along during her daily pre-Halloween patrol.

Yvonne and her most commonly used armaments: the modern jeweler’s equivalent of the pitchfork and torch


When there’s no room in the ground and the undead walk the earth, it can put quite a damper on your Wednesday. Luckily, our Solid Wood Round Bracelet Mandrel makes for an excellent cudgel.

With a firm grip around its base, this mandrel can be wielded as a fine club, and the multiple available sizes means that you can arm yourself, no matter how big or small your mitts.


Yvonne goes on the offensive when Zombie Sessin and Zombie Gregg begin to beg for brains


While traditional bloodsuckers struggle against the wooden stake through the heart, contemporary ones are easily dispatched with stakes of any kind, regardless of material (I assume the change happened when they got all…sparkly). Luckily, our Large Sinusoidal Stake is a wonderful way to destroy the cursed empty vessel that is the vampire body!



The only time Yvonne’s stake misses its target? When she doesn’t want to ruin the awesome Ghostbusters t-shirt.


Whether an actual werewolf or the weird guy down the street with the back hair who’s always listening to Eddie Money, lupine creatures can present a challenge. Though they only manifest themselves during a full moon, their legendary weakness to silver bullets makes for a tough defense strategy—who’s got silver bullets just sitting around?

Therefore, we cast our own. The Neutec/USA GrainPro machine is the industry standard for  making casting grain that’s clean, perfect and, well, to DIE FOR— and it makes for a great addition to your workshop/armory.


She’s so excited, she’s even making the hand gestures!

So there you have it: a few examples of Yvonne’s go-to ghoul-dispatchers. We at Rio are here to help with everything and anything, including the best defenses against the supernatural things that go bump in the night.