We came across Vicki Pellegrini’s Etsy store, AlegraJewelry, because we have something really cool in common: we both LOVE Argentium® Silver! Vicki revels in it so much that she left an Argentium product review on our website. In the review she shares with her fellow jewelers why she loves Argentium® and how happy she is that we continually add more and more findings in this exciting new metal. On her Etsy site, she describes her favorite qualities about Argentium: purer, brighter, longer-lasting shine, and highly tarnish-resistant. Her love for this metal really shows in her work!

Vicki does her own soldering, hand-piercing, stone-setting, and stamping. Her designs incorporate Argentium® Silver, fine silver, copper and brass as well as her favorite gemstones.

“By using ordinary materials with more revered mineral stones I encourage the viewer to reconsider their definition of beauty,” she says.

Beautiful blue/green glowing labradorite set in fine silver on top of a handmade, oxidized Argentium® Silver crest style necklace.

Another one of her pieces I came across and absolutely love:

Vintage road runner lunch box necklace made with fine silver and brass.

Another one that caught my eye:

Chinese broken plate cabochons set in custom-made, oxidized Argentium silver prong settings.

And my favorite:

Black crystal druzy with orange fluorite orbs set in a custom Argentium prong setting.

These are just a few of Vicki’s many one-of-a-kind designs. I encourage anyone who appreciates handmade, wearable works of art to visit her Etsy store, AlegraJewelry. You just might find the perfect conversation piece.

Do you have an Etsy store? Let us know, and we may choose to feature you on The Studio!