Rio is excited to announce a brand new blog series written especially for you by Marlene Richey, award-winning consultant to emerging artists (Contemporary Design Group’s 2009 Designer Advocate of the Year), seminar teacher, ongoing contributor to a column for Art Jewelry magazine called “Business Savvy,” and author of an award-winning book about running a small jewelry design/craft business, called “Profiting by Design.” Marlene will be posting here on The Studio, beginning next week and on a regular basis. In each post, she’ll share her extensive business savvy!

Marlene offers a well-rounded and much-needed perspective on how being an artist and an entrepreneur can go hand-in-hand. She teaches others based on her own extensive experience as an artist and a successful business woman. After graduating from Central Washington University with a BA in art and jewelry, she realized at some point that running a small business is an art form of its own—a necessary one for the many artists who want to make a living by doing their art.

“Running a business is also an art and takes as much patience, time, skill, and effort as producing fabulous pieces of work. The ideal combination is to be one of those genuinely lucky people who are not only creative, but also just loves doing taxes and dealing with cranky clients. But those people are rare indeed.” According to Marlene, not all artists have to be “starving artists.”

As much as I have grown to appreciate the works of starving artists, it is unfortunate that more people are not exposed to their art if it is not properly promoted. Marlene says it so well: “You can be a successful art businessperson without giving up your ideals, vision, or aesthetics. You just need to know some of the secrets that all famous artists know—mainly how to market yourself and your work.”

This makes me think—Marlene always makes me think, actually—and I am asking myself right now: how sad would it be if some of the most famous artists hadn’t pushed their art? Perhaps some of them were “discovered” and someone else did all the marketing for them, but I am not the type of person who wants to wait to be discovered. If I have something to offer, I want people to know about it, and getting that knowledge out there is Marlene expertise. She is one of those go-getters who also happens to be a fabulous artist.

In addition to the Business Savvy Series on The Studio, Rio will be offering a class in Spring of 2013 as part of the Rio Grande Jewelry Making Classes called “Smart Tools to Help you Grow your Business,” taught by Marlene Richey and Julianna Silva. The class has not posted yet, so keep an eye on the link above for more information about this exciting workshop tailored especially for the jewelry industry!

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