I’m sure you’ve seen at least a handful of advertisements for massive sales on Black Friday. Members of your family may have recently been roasting marshmallows and trying to catch a power nap in a tent outside of an electronics superstore, all to buy that 120″ LCD TV for $9 or whatever the sale is. Rather than get up at the crack of 3 a.m. to loiter around the entryway of your local shopping center just to have the last $50 solar-powered go-kart get snatched out from under you, I have a better idea:

Put the kettle on, have some flapjacks, stay in your pajamas, and check out awesome deals on fantastic products from Rio’s Closeout and Outlet page! Here are some favorites:

30-Piece Dapping Set

30-Piece Dapping Set

30-Piece Dapping Set: Thirty pieces! Thirty! Ranging from 2.8mm to 50.8mm (which is practically the size of a ripe nectarine), this set is built to last, built to use, and built to dap all the live-long day. And who doesn’t love something this shiny?


CraftOptics 2X Telescopes with 1.5 Magnification Bifocals

CraftOptics 2x Telescopes with 1.5 Magnification Bifocals: Create fantastic jewelry, see the fine detail of your work up close, and check “bifocals” off of your Benjamin Franklin costume checklist with these awesome CraftOptics. We’ve got brand new ones, and used ones at a steep discount, so take your pick!


Raytech CMF-1200 Centrifugal Magnetic Finisher

Raytech CMF-1200 Centrifugal Magnetic Finisher: Magnets! How do they work? Who cares! This magnificent magnetic finisher will help you finish tons of pieces at once, bringing them to a fine shine for fewer dimes (but bring your own rhymes). Magnets, yo!


Rio Model 1000 Enameling Kiln with Nine Program Controller

Rio Model 1000 Enameling Kiln with Nine Program Controller: Want to fire your enamel, metal, glass, ceramics, or anything else? This is your dream kiln. Want three pre-set firing temperatures, in addition to six(!) user-defined ones? It’s got you covered. Grown out of your old Easy-Bake Oven? This is the industrial version. Sorta (seriously, though, don’t actually try food in this). Look for an open-box kiln for a hot discount (wordplay!).

If you or someone you love is braving the consumerist cold fronts of Black Friday, be safe, stay warm, and pick me up a copy of Toy Story 2 (I’m sure someone’s got it on sale for two bucks or something).