Kliar’s Transparent E-Coating solution is a nano-ceramic solution that is tarnish-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and non-yellowing. Protect your freshly gold-and rhodium-plated pieces. Kliar Transparent E-Coating will improve the durability of your plated pieces and help maintain their quality. Having problems with silver, copper, and other base metals tarnishing too quickly, after all that hard work of polishing?  Kliar’s Transparent E-Coating can keep your pieces shiny while helping them resist tarnish.

From left to right: rhodium, copper, 24KY gold and black rhodium plating on copper bangles available at Rio Grande.

Regardless of either the metal (excluding lead) or the plating solution, Kliar E-Coating will help protect your pieces and make their surfaces last. Unlike other protective coatings, Kliar e-coated pieces still have the quality of metal; they feel and sound like metal, unlike other e-coating which can look and feel like plastic. The Kliar e-coating solutions do not yellow under UV light and they maintain their abrasion resistance. The Midas E-Coating System will get you started, followed by a low temperature cure in a convection oven at 270 degrees F for 40 minutes.

You can even experiment with using Kliar transparent coating over previously patinated pieces, as in the example below.

Would you like to learn how to do this yourself? Perfect—I’ll be teaching a brand new E-Coating Class during our Winter Workshop Series this January…read more about the classes at the workshop, check out a blog post about it, and register here!