Aluminum: Earth’s most valuable metal?

When aluminum first hit the commercial market in the early 1800s, it was more expensive than gold and platinum. Luxurious and sought after, aluminum was the metal of choice for the shining capstone of the Washington Monument, for framing stained glass within the Library of Congress, and for Napoleon III of France’s banquet utensils for honored guests (the less notable had to make do with forks of gold).

Today, the process for making aluminum has been refined and is common in commercial applications. And it’s significantly cheaper than in 1865. Aluminum has proven to be extremely valuable for its durability, corrosion resistance, and its light weight. It’s used in transportation, packaging, construction, housewares, and jewelry making. Yup! Maybe not all that often, but this mighty metal has myriad uses for our industry.

Aluminum is easy to cast, making it ideal for light-weight jewelry pieces and findings. Plus, it’s an abundant metal, so it’s also light on the pocketbook. The metal’s light-weight composition also means no added bulk to your designs. Plus, it has a bright finish, won’t tarnish or oxidize, and is hypoallergenic.

aluminum 3

Enjoy the savings when you swap out staples like clasps for styles made in aluminum.

Cast aluminum bracelets, clasps, bead cones, and rivets make great additions to your jewelry-making repertoire. If you want to add color, we recommend using brilliant Kliar E-Coating or Gilders Paste. Strong, versatile aluminum round wire is ideal for wire-wrapping designs.

aluminum 2

Get a chunky look without the heavy weight! Rio has several styles of light-weight aluminum bracelets.

Keep checking back for more aluminum products. Our Product Development team is furiously working on a series of aluminum components for a variety of design options. Why not make aluminum a luxurious and sought-after metal once more?