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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
January 2013

Rio’s Winter Workshop 2013 is on! Opportunities for learning abound during Winter Workshop, including a wide variety of jewelry-making classes taught by world-class instructors, an amazing hands-on demo room, and tours of our solar-powered facility! Check out a few of the week’s highlights and think about joining us next year!

Any successful art-based business requires equal attention to three important components: The Maker, the Manager, and the Market. Art-business maven, Marlene Richey, is on The Studio today to tell us about the importance of honing our skills in and balancing each of these areas!

Ahh, springtime…flowers, sunshine, fresh air. If you love the range of colors that spring brings, then you’re gonna love the colors spring 2013 has in store for you! Pantone, the global authority on color, leads the way in predicting the color trends for the season. Take a look at The Studio today to see Rio’s take on this season’s spectrum of color!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you bursting with love and looking for creative ways to express yourself? Yvonne M. Padilla recently discovered her love of hearts and created a Valentine’s Day necklace to Inspire the rest of us!

Are you thinking about turning your jewelry-making skills into a full-time business? Or perhaps you already have taken that step and are discovering the million details that always seem to be invisible from the outside looking in? If so, there is a fun and exciting lifeline coming your way!

Every January, we ask fellow jewelers what their favorite jewelry-making purchase was for the previous year. Sometimes, it’s a hammer or a saw; other times it’s an iPad for designing, diamonds for setting, even a ladder for building a new studio. Check out 2012’s list of favorite purchases…and participate in the awesome giveaway!

Come On the Road with Rio’s very own Amy Dalness who recently visited the Gem and Mineral Collection at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.!

Rio has gone mobile! Everything you need to shop, search, learn about, and purchase Rio Grande’s products is at your fingertips, no matter which mobile device you use. . .and we have to say, the clean look and fluid shopping is pretty cool! Check it out, right from the device you’re on right now!

In this new series, internet marketing aficionado Eugene Brill explains the new landscape of digital marketing and how modern consumers search and shop for goods. Take advantage of Eugene’s immense experience to learn how to make sure potential customers find your internet store!

The beauty of effective collaboration is that it provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in how change takes place. Use these ten questions from Rio business coach Matthew Anderson to get the conversation started with your team.

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