Now appearing at a bench near you (if it hasn’t already)! Rio Grande’s 2013 Tools & Equipment Catalog has officially debuted and its 754 pages are crammed with thousands of must-haves, really-wants and can’t-live-withouts.

It’s here! The 2013 Tools & Equipment catalog!

Aside from the copious amount of meticulously selected, tried-and-tested products, we here at Rio are especially proud to offer a catalog full of tips and tricks that answer common questions and offer helpful hints from our in-house experts.

Throughout the catalog, you can find detailed tables filled with meticulously researched content, like the buff and compound selection guide (page 363) or the Brown & Sharpe conversion chart (page 160). You can find all these tips listed in their very own “Tip Index” in the back of your catalog (page 751) or you can find them at when you perform a search and click the “Video, Projects, Classes and More” tab.

The actual buff and compound selection guide from the 2013 T&E catalog.

A help page from the catalog full of common conversions, Brown & Sharpe thickness and measurement info.

“Video online” search codes like this one can be found throughout the catalog to help guide you to helpful content on

Also throughout the catalog, you will find video, project, and search icons to help direct you to related content on the web. Like how to maintain your flex shaft and great ideas for how to create with the Swanstrom Disc Cutter. Of course, our helpful call center agents are always just a phone call away if you have any specific questions or needs.

Once your get your shiny new 2013 Tools & Equipment catalog, dive in, get lost in the pages and be on the lookout for ways to expand your Rio experience to the web. And while you’re at, take some time to leave us some feedback about the catalog or Rio Grande in general. We really, truly appreciate any and all customer feedback.

Haven’t gotten your catalog yet? You can request one online at or call us at 800-545-6566 and we’ll get one on a shipping truck and on your doorstep ASAP.

Keep an eye out for helpful project ideas and more web-based rich content in your 2013 Tools & Equipment catalog.