Customers, you’ve never been silent in your relationship with Rio. You’ve been sharing your feelings since way back in 1944. We love that about you.

For example, I was recently digging through some very special files here at Rio Grande, and I found a handwritten love letter from a customer in North Carolina. The postmark is smudged, but if I squint, I can make out that it was sent to us back in the 1990s. The wonderful thing is, this is exactly what I hear from customers now, and it’s from a customer who has known Rio Grande for a long, long time. I photographed it so that I could show you what I mean. (I’m proud to work for Rio Grande. Can you tell?)

A customer love letter, sent from North Carolina in the 1990s

This is not to say that all communications from you are rave reviews (though they often are). We’re certainly not perfect. Sometimes we miscount an order and need to apologize and send you more. Sometimes we get a batch of a product that, for whatever reason, has a manufacturing flaw. Our product managers and inventory specialists go through vast rows in our warehouse so they can check for problems with their own eyes and hands. We always want you to have great products and great service, so we are glad to fix the mistake and get you something that you can use. However, for the most part, you tend to tell us you love us. We blush. We smile. We are happy.

We’re happy because you’re happy.

Nowadays, one of the best ways for us to get feedback about your happy (and not-so-happy) experiences, is through product reviews on our website, and in honor of this day of LOVE, we’ve compiled a whole slew of reviews wherein you express your LOVE! (There we go again, blushing.)

Argentium is the only metal that I work in. . . I love to work with it and my clients love to wear it! Perfect!”

“I am new to soldering, however, I find these solder-cutting pliers an invaluable investment. They cut the pallions to the exact size needed and save the time of fussing with shears, etc. There is little to no waste of product. . . Love them.”

“I LOOOVE Fretz hammers!!!! INCREDIBLE! I love that I can get such a look on simple things! This one is my all-time favorite for hammering a great texture on a band!!”

“I just keep coming back and ordering more of these fantastic [sterling slipless twist] ear wires. Love how comfy they are plus they look better the older they get. My faves for sure.”

“My favorite tool of 2012. . . I scrapped an 18kt gold bracelet to get [the JoolTool Polishing System], I’m not sorry at all that I did! I love how fast this polishes and how little mess it makes. Once you get all your backs, pads and polishing discs on you’re done. I made a list to hang on the wall of what discs to use in what order for polishing jewelry and metals, then another one for the lapidary.

I haven’t done anything with the lapidary yet, but I’ll get to it and I’m sure it will work well. I’m very pleased with my new tool and will get years of use out of it. I’m sure I will make a lot more jewelry and get a lot more use out of it than wearing one bracelet. Thanks, Rio Grande!”

“I just got these [machine-cut 3mm amethyst faceted stones] in for the first time and I was impressed with the color and consistent cut of the gems. All 50 were perfect. They are really lovely and a great value for the price. Love them!”

LOVE these [Black Suspension 3-D Gift/Display boxes] for including with high dollar purchases—they’re unique, sturdy, highlight the piece well, and can be reused by consumer for souvenirs . . . I love how bringing one out erases the furrowed brow of $$ concern from the consumer and replaces it with pure pleasure. They leave my booth with no concerns about presenting a special gift. Thanks, Rio.”

This Valentine’s Day, Rio Grande wants to say, we love our customers! Thank you for all the great communication! You can keep the conversation going, by leaving a review of any product you buy from us. We’re listening!