It’s that time again, folks! After a two month hiatus, our “What Are You Working on Now?” contest is back!

This contest gives us a chance to see what’s cooking in your creative brains and also allows each chosen winner some time in the spotlight! What could make this little contest even sweeter? How about a $10 Rio credit for the winner? This month’s winner is Kathy Anderson from the San Luis Valley in Colorado!

Here’s what Kathy had to share about her silver and copper layered pieces:

I’m just trying to finish these pieces and configure the silver back piece and accent stones for each one, decide how many stones, sizes, and colors. I always use silver for my back layer, it’s cleaner against a shirt than copper.

[Pictured are] two copper/silver overlay multi level pieces for pendants. One cab is turquoise the other is a cool jasper with combos of accent cabs. Yes….my workbench is a MESS!! But I know where everything is. . . I think, ha ha. 

And I couldn’t resist featuring two other pieces from Kathy’s Etsy store. Take a look:

Kathy’s Lace Agate Ring and bone-carved Moonface necklace.

Would you like to see more of Kathy’s work?  Visit her Etsy Store, Golden Ram Metalsmithing. 

Now it’s your turn to show us what you’re working on. What inspires you these days? What materials are you dying to work with? Add a comment to this post with photos of something that’s on your bench right now. This next part is REALLY important, so take notes!

We need the following information in order for your entry to be considered:

  1. Your full name (and a link to your website/Etsy store, if you like)
  2. A photo of your chosen project. Include a few photos if you like!
  3. A description of the project you’re featuring. If you can include a little about your approach or technique, even better! Your fellow jewelers LOVE to read this stuff and so do we.
  4. After you add your comment, be sure to check back and make sure your photo has uploaded as it should. We don’t want to miss your pic!

Enter and you might be spending an extra 10 bucks at Rio Grande this time next month. Our next winner will be announced in April—Amy, over at Rio’s facebook page will keep you posted on the deadline, so stay tuned!