Think about your closest friends. Now, think of all those quirky traits, talents, loves, dislikes, styles, trademarks, personas that make them your favorite people. I have my Hepburn friend, a charismatic, classic beauty. My silly, rebel-with-grace friend. My friend who tries to make everything perfect, but effortlessly. My goofy, nomadic friend. My nurturing and creative friend. My laid-back, inventive friend.

Now, think about a jewelry design that personifies each and every one of them.

Last spring, we began looking at the upcoming trends for fall/winter 2013 to determine which jewelry-making projects we wanted to offer our customers.

Whereas our 2013 spring/summer projects were based on the season’s color trends, this time around, we noticed interesting tones and moods emerging…personalities…and quickly, sketch pads and iPads opened.

  • Think Juliet (Romeo’s): Ornate textures and textiles, feminine and extravagant.
  • Think spice and herb stalls in an Old World open-air market: Deliciously spicy, earthy colors and patterns.
  • Think Logan’s Run: Slick, retro-futuristic, architectural lines and unusual materials.
  • Think Morticia Addams: Feminine, lavish, romantic….and all attitude.
  • Think Grace Kelly: Classic and graceful designs featuring tranquil colors.
  • Think Bond Girl: Iconic European colors, mature and sophisticated statement pieces.

Yvonne M. Padilla and Ashli Brooke Taylor began creating. What emerged were designs fit for the classic beauty, the graceful rebel, the free-spirited nomad. Not trendy pieces, but pieces that emulated the wearer.

12 Projects for Fall and Winter

12 projects for fall and winter with lots of personality.

“Although Modernism, especially Process Art and Minimalism, fuel my own personal style, I’m influenced by Baroque and Classical art and architecture,” Ashli says, which you can see in her “Bent Nail” earrings and her “Copper Silhouette” pendant.

Bent Nail and Copper Silhouette Projects

Ultra modern (with a nod to retro) “Bent Nail” Tubing Earrings (left); Ornate “Copper Silhouette” Pendant, fit for royalty (right).

Ashli’s influences include the extravagant designs of Alexander McQueen to the clean Art Deco lines of Frank Lloyd Wright to the sculptural, textural, and mixed media looks of Issey Miyake.

Fused Argentium Silver Stone-Set Earrings

Stone-set Argentium earrings…ornate and flirty.

Yvonne’s influences bombard her 24/7 (seriously, I never see her without a sketchbook or camera): An Argentium class with Ronda Coryell led to the dark, flinty, romantic earring design that was “bouncing around in my head for a while,” Yvonne says.

“The design I’m most surprised by are the “Sunstorm” Druzy Earrings,” Yvonne says. “I knew I wanted textured silver and black pearls, but I was struggling with the main stone. I sketched an idea, showed it to a co-worker and she helped me pick the white druzy.”

Sunstorm Druzy and Black Pearl Earring Project

Yvonne’s big sky, big clouds seen from her backyard (left) that inspired the “Sunstorm” druzy quartz and pearl earrings (right), fit for a classic beauty.

“One morning I was walking through the grocery store and I spotted a display of inexpensive, fresh roses,” Yvonne remembers. “I immediately saw this over-packed bouquet as a focal piece of some sort.” Yvonne used BRONZclay to sculpt the tiny roses that would be the centerpiece of her pendant design.

BRONZclay Sculpted Flowers Necklace Project

Over-stuffed rose bouquet (left) and the BRONZclay rose pendant it inspired…lavish, romantic with attitude.

And finally, some champagne in a green glass flute…

Colores Bezel Necklace Project

Yvonne’s quirky, retro necklace inspired by nothing other than a glass of champagne!

inspired this playful, retro Colores Resin Necklace.

Rio Grande's Fall/Winter Fashion Trends Contest

Now that we’ve shown you some great jewelry projects for fall/winter, be sure to check out our latest contest on Pinterest, our Show Us Your Fall/Winter Fashion Trends contest! (It’s a long title, but the prizes are big!). You can win $50, $100, or $200 in credit with us here at Rio Grande. Imagine what you can make with that! Details are on our Pinterest board. And hurry, the deadline is August 15.

And while you’re at it, tell us what fall/winter looks are inspiring you!

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