After the many hours of work you put into creating jewelry that others love, your line deserves a good story that accentuates it, puts the marketing edge on it, makes it stand out! That includes your jewelry line for Fall and Winter, which is just around the corner!

So, we created a contest to encourage you to combine the two. We want to thank everyone who entered our latest contest, Show Us Your Fall/Winter Fashion Trends, which wrapped up late last week. We asked you to create a Pinterest board of your own fashion trends/creations for the upcoming season, and we asked you to present a story about your line there as well.

You showed us that sometimes the story is nature, sometimes it’s the personality of the jewelry maker, and sometimes it’s a great piece of fiction. You also demonstrated to us how Pinterest can become something like a display in a store window, or under a glass case; just as velvet fabric often weaves color between pieces in jewelry displays, many of you scattered pins of your story between pins of your pieces. We saw that the effect could be powerful, and that aesthetically, the sky’s the limit.

Our contest judges were two of our Rio Grande jewelry designers, Yvonne M. Padilla and Ashli Brooke Taylor, who couldn’t wait to see what you came up with! They didn’t judge your entries based on the quantity of pieces you showed us, or whether or not you used Rio Grande products (although we always love to see our products in action!). They simply took your jewelry and stories for what they were, and that was a mix of creativity and skill.

As promised, we are announcing the winners here today!

First Place – $200 Credit from Rio Grande

Jeanette Bobby's Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

Our first place winner was Jeanette Bobby’s board, “1920’s Inspired Jewelry by Jeanette Bobby.”

Jeanette, a student of the Sheffield School, described the inspiration for her work:

“Each decade has left its mark on history and, in its own way, the 1920’s were no different. This was a period of wonderful new inventions, upbeat music, and flappers. Fashion from the Roaring 20’s has been influencing modern designers for several years. However, it is only lately that we have started to seriously take notice again. My bold jewelry designs were influenced by this exciting and dynamic era. Enjoy!”

Our judges loved the bold visuals of Jeanette’s board: Period-inspired pieces, next to 1920’s photographs of flappers in full regalia of short hair, dramatic makeup, pearl necklaces—wrapped short and long, expressive headpieces, and more. Jeanette’s board boasted a fashionable female persona both pouting and flirtatious, next to jewelry inspired to accompany her to the next speakeasy, dancing late into the night and reading poetry the next afternoon. Jeanette’s sophisticated beaded line speaks to that persona and the era.

Congratulations Jeanette, for winning our first-place prize of a $200 credit at Rio Grande!

Second Place – $100 Credit from Rio Grande

Betsy Yates' Fall/Winter Fashion TrendsOur second place winner was Betsy Yates. The subtlety of Betsy’s board lured the judges in with a photograph of her work as well as a photo of herself at her dining room table in a relaxed pose, coupled with the short biographical statement, “Welcome to my life.”

By the time the judges looked at her pieces, they knew she has a cat, a dad who encouraged her to live her dreams, and a jewelry line about the moon, mortality, gyroscopes, and ideas that go really well with a cozy hot cup of tea in her home in Portland, Oregon. Her board is cozy, inviting, personal, and dreamlike.

Check out Betsy’s board, “Foxtail Jewelry [Micro/Macro],” and find more of her work at her website, Foxtail Jewelry

Good job, Betsy. Anyone who wears one of your pieces knows that there’s an element of your life in it, and that’s a little dreamy.

Third Place – $50 Credit from Rio Grande

Cynthia Lester Autumn 2013 Petrified Palmwood Agate Pendant and Chain Pinterest BoardOur third-place winner was Cynthia Lester, who showed us the full spectrum of one necklace with pendant, but did it in a way that showed us all of the inspiration behind it.  She featured it on her Pinterest board, “Autumn 2013 Petrified Palmwood Agate Pendant And Chain.”

She painted an exotic picture with the following board description:

“What inspired this piece – leopard spots and spicy colors. Metals sourced from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply: 18kt gold, sterling silver, fine silver. Stones used in this piece: Petrified palmwood, Brazilian andalusite, peridot, citrine, black spinel, hessonite garnets, spessartite garnets. Palmwood pendant is detachable. Hand fabricated and forged chain with handmade key clasp closure.”

While she does not point this out to us, each inspiration photo she posted for her necklace features the necklace’s colors: The warm orange-and-red tones of spices against the coolness of various greens. Even the spotted leopard in gold and black rests against a background of green leaves. So, spices and leopards take us to various continents, but her palette is part of the story as well.

Well done, Cynthia, and congratulations on winning a $50 credit with Rio Grande!

To see more, visit these Pinterest boards and let the winners know here on the blog what you think of their boards! Or, start a conversation about how you can promote your own jewelry on Pinterest!

As for everyone who entered our contest, we will be pinning many of your jewelry pieces on our Rio Grande Fashion Trends Pinterest board throughout the month of September, so watch for that! You might just see your piece get a lot of repins. Here’s to YOUR jewelry success this fall/winter season!