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April 3, 2014

Bill Fretz

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Bill Fretz has been crafting his own custom tools for years. His innovative, award-winning tools are not only the prized possessions of scores of jewelry-makers, they have also been exhibited at trade shows and in galleries. Bill’s passion for making tools is

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Designed by Bill Fretz, the Fretz Jeweler’s Sledge Hammer is ideal for forging heavy wire, rod, or sheet. Today, on The Studio, Bill makes a striking twist forged bracelet using his workhorse sledge hammer.

Today, on The Studio, we’re sharing a video project which features the ever-brilliant Bill Fretz forming a concave cuff bracelet using his new Silversmith’s Forming Stakes and a brass blank. Enjoy!

The Studio is excited to bring you another video clip featuring Bill Fretz and his innovative forming stakes. Last year, Bill showed Studio readers some Basic Hammering and Forming. This year, he helps us take forming a few steps further with a clip from his latest DVD, Metalsmith Essentials: Forming Hollow Rings with Bill Fretz.

Since their worldwide debut at the 2007 Catalog in Motion Show, Fretz Hammers have become a staple of the industry, and the hammer of choice for those who are doing traditional forming on a jewelry-sized scale. Thousands of Fretz Hammers are out in the world now, each of them with 420 stainless heads, oil-finished padauk handles, and a perfect, almost magical balance in the hand when you pick them up. And all of those many hammers can trace their roots back to this one, the very First Fretz Hammer. . .

In this clip from volume 2 of Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming with Bill Fretz, Bill shares great hammering technique and demonstrates planishing with the Fretz HMR-1 Hammer and the Fretz anvils. . .

Bill Fretz has teamed up with Interweave to make a great new set of DVDs that demonstrate his extraordinary skill with jewelry hammers and stakes. check it out!

While Rio In Motion was underway here at Rio Grande, I spent a day with Bill Fretz, creator of the Fretz line of metalsmith’s hammers and miniature stakes. The inspiration for the miniature stakes that launched the line came from

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Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of explaining all the different Fretz hammers and their uses at various trade shows such as the Society of North American Goldsmith’s Conference and JCK. At those shows, I have answered the question, “What’s this one used for?” countless times. Following is an outline of the answers I give to this question for the planishing, raising, and embossing hammers…


Forming, riveting, raising, chasing, goldsmith’s, texturing—so many hammers for jewelers to use (the list goes on and on)! Here at Rio, we L-O-V-E hammers. We love them so much that we stock well over 100 hammers and hammer kits. With such a wide range of choices, how do you know which hammer or mallet to use? Today’s post on The Studio will take some of the mystery out of hammers and show you the exciting array of hammer resources available on Rio Grande’s website!

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