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Amy Cliser

If you’re in touch with Rio Grande on social media, I’m most likely the person on the other end. I love that you’re out there, and that we’re talking! At the age of 13, I started working with customers at a nearby zoo, and it’s been the thread that’s run through my life ever since: provide a good customer experience, and try to create community where I can. It’s not a surprise then that I’ve worked as a fund raiser, instructor, and performance artist, among other things; it’s all about connection.

I’m a collage artist, and, probably like yours, my life is a collage too: In the mornings I’m road running; in the evenings I’m creating art, working in the garden, or catching up with friends; and on Saturday nights, I’m dancing to live local music. I love a Greek island called Skopelos, the energy of airports, Billy Collins, the palette of the 1950s, meditation, national parks, and nine hours of sleep.

So, that’s a little bit about me. Rio friends, let me know what’s on your mind! See you in the online community.

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