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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
54 posts by Amy Cliser

Rio Grande customers have written thousands of reviews over the past three years, and those reviews offer you valuable information that can guide your purchasing choices. Today on The Studio, we spotlight a few favorite 5-star products that you shouldn’t miss, and we remind you how much we want to hear from YOU! Leave a review and join the conversation!


Carol and Jean-Pierre Hsu of Hsu Studios are in the spotlight at The Studio today. See how they create pieces with lively movement and vibrant color by turning anodized aluminum into contemporary jewelry, wall art, and mobiles.


Jewelers, have you considered using a card reader to accept credit card payments from interested customers when you’re on the road? Check out our latest blog post and find out about the great success jeweler Deb Strecansky of Sky Designs has experienced in her business using the Square with her smart phone.


Every week or so, Rio Grande posts a call for entries on its Facebook fan page. These quick little contests call for jewelry and art objects that meet various parameters. We’ve asked for everything from filigree jewelry to cloisonné pieces. From PMC pieces to horse-themed jewelry. Take a look at today’s post to learn how you can “get in the jewelry game,” and have your craftsmanship admired by thousands!


Have you ever been disappointed to find that the end product of your jewelry design did not quite live up to what you had envisioned? Consider this: The more techniques you have at your disposal, the more satisfied you’ll be with your results. Rio Grande offers classes that can take your jewelry making to the next level. Read about three such classes coming up in May and then register before they fill up!


A few weeks ago, Rio Grande released new WHITE COPPRclay™ from Metal Adventures, and the response has been tremendous! To celebrate the design options this clay offers, we are sponsoring a contest, and we invite to you enter by posting your WHITE COPPRclay™ jewelry designs—or expressions of love—to our WHITE COPPRclay™ Pinterest board! For all the details, check out today’s post on The Studio!


Rio recently introduced new WHITE COPPRclay to its line of base metal clays, and every clay artist in the building could hardly wait to work with it. After giving him some time to experiment, we cornered Rio Grande metal clay artist and Tech Team member Thomas Flores and asked him what he’s discovered about this exciting new color of COPPRclay. Read about his experiences today at The Studio.


Did you know that every day of the week, Rio Grande’s Twitter page is abuzz with jewelry industry news and Rio Grande updates? Your life is busy, so we want to make it simple for you to find interesting and relevant information in ONE place. Our Twitter feed delivers up-to-date news on the jewelry world and on the hottest Rio Grande products.


We know it happens. You make beautiful jewelry, and lots of people want it. But not everyone wants to pay for it, so you have to protect it. Fortunately, theft is preventable and Rio Grande carries a number of displays that lock down your treasures in one way or another.


Here at Rio, we all strive to do business in ways that honor our customers, community, environment, and one another. Saul Bell founded the company back in 1944 as a small family-run business and, though it has grown to have more than 300 employees and is now a proud member of the Berkshire-Hathaway family of companies, the company is still run by members of the Bell family, and it still feels like a family affair. Recently, we were surprised and elated to be recognized by The Samaritan Counseling Center as a recipient of one of its 15th Annual New Mexico Ethics in Business Awards. The award is based on “high standards and exemplary practices,” something Rio Grande strives for every day of the year.

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