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A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
9 posts by Mark Nelson

Bead stringing can be as simple as making a macaroni and yarn necklace or as complex as stringing an intricate diamond bead necklace. In today’s Tech Tidbits, Mark Nelson covers some great bead-stringing basics and not-so-basics!


Findings are the cool little do-dads that you use to make the stuff you love to make. In today’s Tech Tidbit, Mark Nelson demystifies many of the findings found on a typical jeweler’s bench. Check it out! You may learn something new.


There are several barrier fluxes on the market, but why not go old-school and mix your own boric acid barrier flux? This mix has been around for a VERY long time and it works great to protect your pieces from oxidizing during soldering. Today, on The Studio, Mark Nelson tells you how to make your own!


Do you have a drill press? Because if you don’t, you should! A new tool, especially a drill press, can be intimidating. If you don’t know where to begin or what to do with one, never fear—here’s a handy guide to getting started, plus a few tips on what to do with it once you get going.


Today, on The Studio, Mark Nelson writes: One day, my need to hold a particularly odd piece was too much to ignore, so (necessity being the mother of invention) I figured out a neat way to modify my GRS Benchmate by attaching our universal work holder to it. Here is how I did it (and it cost me less that $20!).


Currently there are more options for gravers and handles than there have ever been. GRS has many versions on the market. But sometimes you just want to know how to get the graver itself into the handle! In today’s post, Mark Nelson offers terrific advice about successful graver handle installation!


Jewelers have been soldering on charcoal blocks as a refectory material for centuries. Although it’s not the only type of soldering block on Mark Nelson’s bench, they have several benefits. In today’s post, Mark covers many of the benefits and drawbacks of this simple, useful tool and shares some tips about how to get the most from your charcoal block!


Silver-filled products are all-new and there are plenty of questions about them. Here are a few that the rest of the Rio Technical Support team and I have fielded in recent days, based on our own use of this cool stuff!


Occasionally someone asks me, “What’s it like to work in Technical Support at Rio Grande?” Usually my answer is easily summed up by the big grin on my face. Being part of the Tech Support Team is really cool. The job may not be what what one thinks of as a typical tech support position. Although a good part of our day can be spent at our desks answering customer questions, that’s not the only thing we do – not by a long shot. Our fundamental goal is to help customers get the RIGHT tools and supplies and we help them get information they need…