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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
6 posts by Molly A. Bell

Blaine Lewis and New Approach School for Jewelers recently opened its new home in Franklin TN, and we’re excited to tell you about this unique place!


Our friends at Ganoksin were completely overrun by flooding in Thailand last fall. With the help of our customers –who value Ganoksin’s immeasurable contribution to our industry, Rio was able to offer a helping hand to these good friends. Many thanks to all!


I traveled to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show in early February in search of faceting rough material (precious or semi-precious stones suitable for faceting). For years my husband, Charles Springer, has traveled the show buying rough material on behalf of his jewelry manufacturing business, often returning with a precious piece or two of faceting rough that eventually ended up as a treasured piece of jewelry gifted to me! This year I had the rare opportunity to travel the Tucson Gem show as a spectator and shadow my husband as he shopped. He encouraged me to join him in looking for faceting rough…

Today, January 26, marks the opening day of our first-ever Rio In Motion event (Jan 26-31). We’re excited because we’ll be seeing many familiar faces and looking forward to meeting others for the first time! We welcome your visit to Rio, look forward to showing you how we manufacture your products and fill your orders – and how it’s all powered by over 5000 solar panels!

As you may have already heard, Rio Grande recently installed more than 5000 solar panels atop its parking lot. To acquaint yourself with some of the details of our solar project, you can read our “Powered by the Sun” announcement here. Now that our solar array has been functional and producing energy for about four months, we are pleased to report that, the solar panels have generated nearly 30% more electricity than the monthly estimate calculated…

I often think about how many memories are tucked away in my jewelry box. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of each piece, my jewelry is more fun to wear because each has it’s own “story”. Adding to the pleasure my jewelry brings, is the extra special gratitude I feel when a piece brings a nice compliment from others…