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Bernadette Bennett

I love to write and I love to make things. These are what brought me to Rio in April of 2010. I think that writing and making have some interesting similarities: you gather your thoughts for writing or your supplies for making. You put them together in a coherent, aesthetic, and sometimes logical way. You tinker, you polish, and then you put your work on display. In the end, you have something that didn't exist before. Whether it is a cute pair of earrings or a fun blog post, it is something that was uniquely crafted into existence for others to enjoy. It doesn't always work out the way you wanted it to, but most of the time you learn something about yourself in the process.

So, when I am not writing, editing, making things, and learning at Rio you might find me at a local farmer's market, lounging at a bookstore, taking a class, or attending a local festival. In the winter, I am likely at home cooking up something I can barely pronounce or carving through the snow on my trusty snowboard, pretending I am 22 again.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque and never realized how much I loved this city until I left—only to return. Experiencing other parts of the world is one of my favorite pastimes, yet there is something about roasted green chile in the desert air and in my fare that I just can't let go of—ever!

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