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Molly Therese Bell

Molly is happiest when she's making things. Most days she finds herself wielding power tools, stapling fabric to furniture she scored at a yard sale, and/or knitting a sweater.

Molly owes her industrious nature to the many childhood hours she spent playing at her father's jewelry manufacturing and electroplating shop. That's where she learned that there is a tool for just about EVERYTHING (how wonderful!), and that anything you can dream up can probably be made by hand. Her grandfather, Saul Bell, founded Rio Grande and along with most everyone in her family, she has had a variety of jobs here since she was 13, including sweeping floors, filing papers, and packaging millions of tiny beads.

Molly lives for the moments when she can bask on her sunny front porch, drink great coffee with her husband, and stare with delight her three adorable kids.

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