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Shelby Chant

I've always loved a good story. Out of a book, over a beer, or embedded in a 160-character text message, these wild chronicles and histories and philosophies keep me connected, inspired, and humbled. And the best part? They're infectious.

I learned in high school how to get to the guts of a story. A teacher with a penchant for Hemingway and a hatred for passive voice (even though I still use it) had a favorite weekly assignment: "explicate this story." Get to the juicy, obscure insides, challenge the words on the surface. Dig! We pretty much explicated Hemingway until there was nothing left but some old guy on a boat trying to catch a fish. But the excavation was a blast.

In my 10-plus years here at Rio, I've been lucky enough to dig into the lives and careers of jewelry designers. I've learned about favorite hand-me-down tools and the thinking behind invention of new ones. I've been allowed to wander around inside imaginations to understand the creative process and to meet that first spark of an idea. Yep, I'm lucky. I get to dig, to play Indiana Jones, and to write.

Think of "The Studio" as a story—an infectious one!—with no "The End." Connecting artists, propelling imaginations, and building layers of creativity. It's a place where you can excavate for ideas, or inspire the next designer. Submit your chapter!

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