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A jeweler in West Africa will typically own a hammer, pliers or tweezers, and a few other odds and ends that they keep in a hand-made toolbox. Since The Studio’s initial post about the Toolbox Initiative—a project that aims to provide West African jewelers with commercial tools and materials that are rarely available to them—Tim McCreight and Matthieu Cheminée have received donations of hundreds of tools and several ounces of silver to support the project. Read on to learn a little more about these skilled metalsmiths and to make a donation to this fantastic project.


Start the new year right by immersing yourself in an array of new and popular returning classes offered for the 2015 Rio Grande Winter Workshop series. Make a day or two of it, or plan to take a whole week! The classes, demonstrations and tours lined up for the week of Winter Workshop give you lots from which to choose. Gain a new skill—or hone a skill you’ve already got. Browse through today’s post to find out more, and reserve your seat early!


Today, on The Studio, Marlene Richey introduces part one of a larger series about how to get your jewelry in the spotlight by developing a comprehensive marketing plan. Who is your target market? How do you intend to reach them? Start thinking about these questions and more and with Marlene’s expertise you’ll learn how to get the biggest return on your marketing investment.


What inspires you these days? What materials have you been experimenting with? Nearly every month we present you with another “What are You Working on Now?” contest, in which we invite readers to submit a picture or two and a description of what’s on their bench right now. Well, this month’s winner, Beth Beck, has won a $20 Rio credit, and December’s contest has officially begun—show us your stuff for a chance to win!


Christi Anderson and Anna Mazon were winners in the Metal Clay category of the of the 2014 Saul Bell Design Award and I recently had the good fortune of getting to know each of them a bit better. Read on to hear the stories behind these talented artists. Then begin thinking about what you’ll create for the 2016 Saul Bell Design Award competition!


Imagine welding posts to dozens of your earring designs in mere minutes. Imagine making instant repairs to tie-tacs, post earrings, scatter pins, and more in seconds. Your production efficiency—and customer satisfaction—just went through the roof! Read on to learn about how to use the RazzaWeld Hand-Held Fusion Welding System to do all this and more.


Today’s “Influencers in Jewelry Design” post continues a series by Marlene Richey that celebrates the most influential and important shapers of contemporary jewelry design. This time, Marlene spotlights the lasting impact of Alexander Calder and The Bauhaus, both of whom have had a far-reaching influence on industrial design, fine art, and jewelry making for decades. How have these design greats influenced you? Join the conversation—we want to hear your jewelry Influencer stories!


Go behind the scenes and hear the story of another 2014 Saul Bell Design Award winner. Merry-Lee Rae took first place in the Enamel category and I spent some time getting to know her recently. Take a look to learn more about what makes Merry-Lee tick, then get started on your own masterpiece for the 2016 Saul Bell Design Award competition!


The Rio Gemstones team sees thousands, heck, tens of thousands, of gemstones every year. Rarely does a week go by that one of us doesn’t turn to the other and say, “Hey check out this cool inclusion…” Until this week, though, we had never seen (except in books) hematite needle inclusions inside an amethyst. Take a look and see what we found!


Today we feature a gem from The Studio’s archives. Mokumé gane is a fusion of two or more metals that, when manipulated by skilled hands, creates intriguing patterned stock coveted by jewelry designers and collectors alike. Americans such as Phillip Baldwin, founder of Shining Wave Metals, are taking this Japanese craft to new heights.

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