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A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
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Jim Lawson was at Rio Grande last week to teach a photography class during our Summer Workshop Series. He sat down with us to talk about the difficulties of photographing jewelry and to share 10 easy tips from his class to help novice photographers start taking beautiful shots of their work.


Forming, riveting, raising, chasing, goldsmith’s, texturing—so many hammers for jewelers to use (the list goes on and on)! Here at Rio, we L-O-V-E hammers. We love them so much that we stock well over 100 hammers and hammer kits. With such a wide range of choices, how do you know which hammer or mallet to use? Today’s post on The Studio will take some of the mystery out of hammers and show you the exciting array of hammer resources available on Rio Grande’s website!


Today Amy visited several of the bustling classrooms here at Rio Grande’s Winter Workshop. Some participants were quiet and intensely focused on trying new techniques. Others worked in a happy cacophony of clanging and then paused to examine their progress. Rio Grande is wonderful place to be this week—learning and discovery is all around us! Maybe today’s photo tour will get you planning your trip to the Land of Enchantment for next year’s Winter Workshop.


Rio Grande’s annual Winter Workshop starts this Sunday, and we are busy setting up benches, cameras for close-ups of instructors’ work, Foredom® flex shafts, anvils, 3DESIGN® software–you name it! Follow our excitement this week as we bring you highlights of this GREAT event where participants hone their skills with some of the very best teachers in the industry, mingle and crowd around workbenches in the demonstration area, exchange jewelry-making experiences and tips, bond with each other over wonderful meals, and get a behind-the-scenes look at Rio’s facilities.


This is a busy time of year for our Technical Support team as we talk to jewelers about a new process, help them through a jewelry-making challenge, and suggest tools and equipment that will make their work at the bench that much more successful. And as we talk about these innovative tools, each and every one of us, as fellow jewelers, can’t help but get a bit giddy about what WE would love to have for our OWN benches this holiday season! Here are some of our favorite and most coveted tools and equipment.


Registration is now open for this week-long event where you can get hands-on in any number of jewelry-making classes taught by the industry’s most beloved and talented instructors, watch demonstrations of the tools and processes that will enhance your work at the bench, and tour our 180,000 square-foot solar-powered facility. What a great way to experience Rio firsthand and start 2014 with a shot of creativity and learning!


Rio Grande is here after the holidays with an exciting array of new and returning classes for you in the 2014 Winter Workshop series. Make a day or two of it, or plan to take a whole week! The classes, demonstrations and tours lined up for the week of Winter Workshop give you lots to choose from. Gain a new skill—or hone a skill you’ve already got. Browse through today’s post to find out more, and reserve your seat early!


One of the best ways for us to get feedback about your experiences with Rio Grande products, is through product reviews on our website, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled a whole slew of LOVE reviews. Thanks for the love!


John Sartin’s intricate, finely formed pieces are wearable art inspired by nature. Today, on The Studio, he shares where his inspiration comes from, which tools he loves best, and some beautiful examples of his work.


Every January, we ask fellow jewelers what their favorite jewelry-making purchase was for the previous year. Sometimes, it’s a hammer or a saw; other times it’s an iPad for designing, diamonds for setting, even a ladder for building a new studio. Check out 2012’s list of favorite purchases…and participate in the awesome giveaway!

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