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Blogs We Love: Katrina Lum Designs

Aug 22, 2012
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Andy Sherwin
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Here’s one of the endcaps made with this tutorial…post yours in the comments!

If you’ve been to Rio's website – and you really should, because it’s pretty great—you know that it features not just the best tools, findings, components, and products for jewelry makers, but also a veritable truckload of good, practical info to help you learn even more. From jewelry making projects, helpful videos, thorough how-tos and more, we’ve got a lot for you to take in.

So it’s pretty clear how much we love learning stuff ourselves. Accordingly, we’re big fans of Katrina over at Katrina Lum Designs!

In addition to being a wonderful designer and artist, she also puts together great tutorials, like this one for how to make your own end caps, which is part of her Viking Knit tutorial series.

Check it out and tell us what you think, or recommend a blog YOU love!


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Blogs We Love: PMC Sterling™ Grab Bag

Feb 22, 2012
Brian Fox
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PMC Sterling™: It’s metal clay, and it’s sterling—what more is there to know? Lots!
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Spencer Baum
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Yvonne M. Padilla

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Blogs We Love: Drilling Beach Stones with Jenny Hoople

Jul 27, 2011
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Yvonne M. Padilla

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