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We love discovering new techniques, tricks, and inspiring blogs by jewelers everywhere—the more the merrier! Today, The Studio spotlights a Blog We Love with Katrina Lum Designs. Check out Katrina’s how-to for making your own end caps!

PMC Sterling™: It’s metal clay, and it’s sterling—what more is there to know? Lots!
There are some fantastic jewelers out there that have been putting this new metal clay through its paces and blogging about what they’ve learned. Here are a few posts you’ll definitely want to check out. . .

Today’s “Blogs We Love” installment features the blog of Becca Williams and two of her favorite work companions: Albie (her Swanstrom Disc Cutter), and Winnie (her Heart Cutter). Read on and be charmed!

It’s a blast poking around artists’ websites to check out what other people are creating. That’s how I first discovered Lorena Angulo’s amazing designs. . .

Here at Rio, we’re all jewelry nerds. We follow jewelry websites and blogs written by jewelers. One trend we’ve noticed gaining popularity is drilling stone and glass as a way to add nature to jewelry designs. . .