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In today’s post, Candace Gates shows you how to use BRONZclay and the Rebecca Chung “Mystic Manor” Dynasty texture sheet to create a beautiful book pendant that opens and closes.


You’ve seen both kinds out there, no doubt. Kilns with firebrick interiors and kilns with ceramic fiber interiors–which is better for your metal clay work? Find out the differences between them and the benefits and drawbacks for each, based on the kind of firing you do in your studio or shop.


The list of fun projects you can make with metal clay is endless! Today, on The Studio, Mark Nelson makes a set of house address numbers using BRONZclay™ and inspired by Yvonne M. Padilla’s wonderful book “Bronze Metal Clay.”


Yvonne M. Padilla, one of Rio’s beloved in-house jewelry artists, recently chatted with Heather Apodaca for our ongoing Rio Superstars series. In today’s interview Yvonne talks about the evolution of her career as an award-winning jewelry designer and BRONZclay™ expert. She also shares images of her diverse and beautiful work!


Have you ever wanted to make your own metal clay stamps and stencils at home and quickly? The ImagePAC Stampmaker is the answer! It’s super easy to use, takes no time at all to learn, and you get to make your own one-of-a-kind stamps and stencils!


You asked for it…we’ve got it! Renaissance Wax is here and it’s flying off the shelf. Yvonne M. Padilla loves using Renaissance Wax on her finished BRONZclay™ pieces to seal in the rich color of the bronze. But it’s not limited to just bronze, the wax works on any metal, as well as other materials that need enhanced luster and protection. Check out The Studio today to learn more about this wonderful, versatile stuff!


Wanaree Tanner, metal clay artist extraordinaire, shares some delicious tidbits with our very own Bernadette Bennett about what inspires her work, how she embraces the process of art making (failures and all), and her continuing growth as an artist.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 1.16.52 AM

BRONZclay™– or any metal clay – can be manipulated with simple tools, Dynasty Stamps, and other found objects to create nearly any texture you can dream up!
In today’s video, Mark Nelson uses a Dynasty Stamp to create a richly-textured pendant.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.58.14 PM

Bronze is a great alloy to use for creating musical tones, and BRONZclay makes it a snap to achieve a wide range of tones by allowing you to easily mold and manipulate the thickness and shape of your metal. . .


A couple of weeks ago we posted Shelby’s BRONZclay challenge, and I hope that since then, many of you have been noticing how boring your kitchen (pantry/bathroom) drawers are, and how splendid they’d become with gorgeous hand-crafted bronze knobs! Accept the challenge. . .

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