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Jim Lawson was at Rio Grande last week to teach a photography class during our Summer Workshop Series. He sat down with us to talk about the difficulties of photographing jewelry and to share 10 easy tips from his class to help novice photographers start taking beautiful shots of their work.

C . Nelson Urban-Armour

What’s the single biggest thing you can do to grow your jewelry business in the next year? Develop a business plan. We know, we know. It sounds like a daunting proposition. But it doesn’t have to be. In today’s post, Jewelry business maven Marlene Richey breaks down the process and offers a template that’ll get you started on your plan.


Packaging is a big deal­. Your customers are busy and their hearts smile when they see their purchase professionally wrapped and ready to hand over to its lucky recipient. If you have a packaging plan and plenty of supplies on hand, you’ll easily maintain an orderly packaging operation for your jewelry business. Today, on The Studio, get five creative and practical packaging ideas that’ll leave a lasting impression.


Today, on The Studio, Marlene Richey talks about the power of providing exceptional customer service. What outstanding customer service experience have you had recently and how did it make you feel? How can your service create a lasting positive memory for your customer? Remember, “The customer’s perception is your reality”!


Today, on The Studio, Marlene Richey gives great, concrete advice on how you can merchandise your jewelry designs. Merchandising is the art of creating a common theme in your collection and capitalizing on that theme to encourage customer loyalty and sales. Merchandise your work beautifully and it will be easy to understand and identify. It will tell YOUR story!


One of the most important skills you can nurture and develop as a business owner is the skill of self-promotion through networking! Today, on The Studio, Marlene Richey gives you tips on how you can network to build connections with potential customers and grow your business in the process.


Jewelers, have you considered using a card reader to accept credit card payments from interested customers when you’re on the road? Check out our latest blog post and find out about the great success jeweler Deb Strecansky of Sky Designs has experienced in her business using the Square with her smart phone.


Social media holds many opportunities for promoting your jewelry business, but where do you begin? One effective—and manageable—place to start is to create a business page on Facebook. Millions of people post, like, share, make buying decisions, and see your images and posts on Facebook. Here’s how to gather your own fan base on Facebook, from start to finish.


In Part Two of Marlene Richey’s multi-part series on “Doing a Show,” she helps you prepare for your first big wholesale or retail show! Good preparation is key to a great outcome and Marlene has the experience and wisdom to break it down for you! Grab a notebook and get ready to take some notes and then knock some socks off at your first (or your next) big show!


Marlene Richey’s next four Business Know-How posts will be dedicated to successful exhibiting at either wholesale or retail jewelry shows. Today, she dives into Part One with a list of the reasons to exhibit at a show and lots of great advice about the application process!

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