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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
A Berkshire Hathaway Company.

What inspires you these days? What materials have you been experimenting with? Nearly every month we present you with another “What are You Working on Now?” contest, in which we invite readers to submit a picture or two and a description of what’s on their bench right now. Well, this month’s winner, Denise Harrison, has won a $10 Rio credit, and November’s contest has officially begun – show us your stuff for a chance to win!

In this third installment of Rio’s video series on soldering, Mark Nelson guides you through various torch types, arming you with information that can help you choose the best torch system for your specific job!

What do the words “New York City” make you think of? Most people would list taxicabs, skyscrapers, throngs and throngs of people, and other signifiers of the ultimate urban landscape. For Barbara Polinsky of Barbara Michelle Jacobs Fine Jewelry, however, New York City represents an endless source of flowers, twigs, weeds, and other found objects from the natural world that can serve as the inspiration for her unique pieces of jewelry.

The J-2R casting machines—packed with advanced technology—are affordable, space-conscious, and among the easiest casting systems to set up, use, and maintain. Read on to find out the top ten reasons to treat your business to a brand new J-2R. . .

Guest contributor Darla Alvarez, of The Gilded Artisan in Colorado, uses 21st century CAD and rapid prototyping technology to reinterpret a handcrafted family heirloom from generations past. Read about her process and take a look at her stunning results!

Would you like to learn more about gold casting options? Today, The Studio is featuring an Eddie’s Tips article that sheds light on the difference between using gold casting grain –already alloyed to the desired color and karat –and alloying fine gold and master alloy yourself for more flexibility and a lower inventory investment. Check it out!

We get such a kick out of some of the product reviews our customers submit on our website. Here’s the first of many posts that highlights five of our favs.

Take a look at Eddie’s recipe for an excellent natural rubber mold (because “good” isn’t good enough).

Here in Tech Support some of the most interesting, fun, and challenging parts of our job is to evaluate and review new tools and equipment. But we don’t just review tools, we’re also constantly searching for new and innovative techniques that we can share with fellow jewelers. This past year we had the pleasure of testing dozens of new items and taking classes that expanded our jewelry universe. Between the testing and classes, a few tools and techniques struck us as being so cool that we want to sing about them from the mountaintop…