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Seasonal trends can be hard to nail down and staying on top of them is a daunting task for a jeweler busy at the bench. But, like it or not, trends will drive your customers’ behavior, and having your hammer on their pulse can translate directly into sales. Today, on The Studio, see four of the fall season’s biggest trends and bring them from the catwalk to your jewelry bench.


Packaging is a big deal­. Your customers are busy and their hearts smile when they see their purchase professionally wrapped and ready to hand over to its lucky recipient. If you have a packaging plan and plenty of supplies on hand, you’ll easily maintain an orderly packaging operation for your jewelry business. Today, on The Studio, get five creative and practical packaging ideas that’ll leave a lasting impression.


Display risers provide a simple and elegant way to stagger the heights of your display, add dimension, and use the interior design “rule of three” by creating odd groupings. Risers also allow a wide variety of configurations you can customize to best display your jewelry pieces. Check out The Studio today for more riser inspiration!


Have you heard? You can now order your Rio Grande Impressions™ hot foil stamping services online when you order your boxes, totes, pouches, and more! The process is fast, simple, and so convenient—you’re going to love saving time and effort with this new service. Find out more in today’s post on The Studio.


Rio’s new TurnAbout™ Wire and Block Displays offer durability, versatility, and a pleasing-to-the-eye design. Check out The Studio today, to see how they can showcase your work!


Spring is here! Today, on the Studio, Bernadette Bennett shares her tips for dressing up your jewelry with fresh, colorful, spring-inspired packaging!


Jewelers get ready—spring is coming! If you create wedding jewelry or you’d like to, outdoor woodsy weddings are all the rage! Weddings with a rustic chic, vintage revival, or country romantic theme are popping up everywhere. This inspiring outdoorsy theme is all about sunshine and fresh air—organic textures and rustic, handmade adornments, décor, and accessories. Rio Grande’s linen displays capture the elegant, rustic theme perfectly and will beautifully complement your wedding-themed jewelry!


Holiday shopping season is around the corner! Are you ready to show off your jewelry? I mean, really ready? It takes some assessment and house cleaning to position your beautiful line of jewelry in the best possible light. To help you get the most from your displays this season we’re sharing a helpful checklist of display and packaging details and then a great video with Mark Nelson which features even more display tips and ideas.


Earth Day was Monday, and Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday, May 12. Between the two, it makes sense to highlight products that are sustainable and help care for Mother Earth. Check out these gorgeous mango wood displays and learn more about how Rio has worked for decades to be responsible stewards of the earth’s precious resources!


We know you’d rather concentrate on making jewelry than on buying boxes. In fact, we’ve known a few jewelry makers who completely forgot that they even needed to buy boxes until the day before the show. (Don’t worry! We keep lots in stock, so we’ve got you covered!) We have them in so many colors and sizes, not to mention styles, that a few minutes here might give you some ideas about what to buy for your line…now and in the future.

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