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A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
Eddie’s Tips

If you’re new to rose gold, the frustration of trying to cast with stones in place can be maddening. The incompatible cooling requirements of this alloy compared with those of gemstones can lead to frustration for jewelers who are drawn to this otherwise appealing metal. Today Eddie Bell shares some insider tips that will help you understand the problem with rose gold and give you practical advice for solving the problem!


In today’s follow-up post on Rio Grande’s silver supplies—Sustainability of Recycled vs. Mined Silver, Eddie Bell explores mining practices and shares a few examples of mining companies that are behaving in a responsible way.


Our customers ask us pretty regularly about the origin of our silver products and are interested in knowing how much of our silver material is recycled and how much comes directly from a mine. In today’s post, Eddie Bell shares his wisdom on the subject!


Would you like to learn more about gold casting options? Today, The Studio is featuring an Eddie’s Tips article that sheds light on the difference between using gold casting grain –already alloyed to the desired color and karat –and alloying fine gold and master alloy yourself for more flexibility and a lower inventory investment. Check it out!


Take a look at Eddie’s recipe for an excellent natural rubber mold (because “good” isn’t good enough).


Do you ever wish you had a the skills to drill deep holes, very straight? In this post, Eddie shares a great method he learned from expert machinist and fellow Rio associate, Jeff Zirwas. . .