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A Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Joe Silvera, of the Silvera Jewelry School, was here at Rio Grande in August to teach a class on soldering gold-and silver-filled metals for our Summer Workshop Series. Heather Apodaca joined Joe’s 2-day class and learned to make a simple ring project using faceted round wire. In today’s post, Heather shares step-by-step instructions for making this simple eye-catching ring!

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Pearls are timeless. They’ve never really gone out of style, but lately they are popping up in the fashion mainstream in a fresh and modern way. Today, on The Studio, Mark Nelson demonstrates a simple method for mounting pearls using pearl caps and epoxy. With this method, you can use components to create a wide range of jewelry designs from earrings to bracelets to necklaces.


Today, on The Studio, Marlene Richey talks about the power of providing exceptional customer service. What outstanding customer service experience have you had recently and how did it make you feel? How can your service create a lasting positive memory for your customer? Remember, “The customer’s perception is your reality”!


The rolling mill will prove to be a “must-have” tool in any shop…and choosing the right mill for your needs is essential. In today’s post on The Studio, Rio Grande tech team member and creator of wicked-cool jewelry designs Ashli Brooke Taylor shares some great information about how to go about choosing the mill that’s right for you!


Today, on The Studio, Marlene Richey gives great, concrete advice on how you can merchandise your jewelry designs. Merchandising is the art of creating a common theme in your collection and capitalizing on that theme to encourage customer loyalty and sales. Merchandise your work beautifully and it will be easy to understand and identify. It will tell YOUR story!


Have you heard? You can now order your Rio Grande Impressions™ hot foil stamping services online when you order your boxes, totes, pouches, and more! The process is fast, simple, and so convenient—you’re going to love saving time and effort with this new service. Find out more in today’s post on The Studio.


Today’s post, by master enamelist and jeweler Ricky Frank, is a thought-provoking examination of the “rules” we impose on ourselves in our creative process. Ricky asks you to remember that a rule is just one way in which to do something. It is not the only way. Ask yourself if the rules you adhere to are helping you or creating obstacles.


It’s not too late to join our Incredible WHITE COPPRclay Pinterest Contest! Check out The Studio today to see the what happened when Rio’s blog team got the WHITE COPPRclay bug and had a workshop to create some treasures. Then you can join the Incredible WHITE COPPRclay Contest yourself for a chance to win a fabulous blog spotlight of your jewelry!


One of the most important skills you can nurture and develop as a business owner is the skill of self-promotion through networking! Today, on The Studio, Marlene Richey gives you tips on how you can network to build connections with potential customers and grow your business in the process.


Immerse yourself in Rio Grande’s invigorating educational environment during the 2014 Summer Workshop Series, then return to your studio or shop fired up and ready to get back to the bench and create—find out more in today’s post on The Studio!

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